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Paul Sullivan

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PSullivan le Février 06, 2024
Summary: Job title: CRM Manager - HubSpot & Salesforce Location: Hybrid, Here East E15 Salary: £40-£45,000 Contract type: Full-time Experience level: 2-4 years Reports to: VP of Marketing Experien Lire la suite
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PSullivan le Décembre 11, 2022
I'm looking for a HubSpot Expert to join our fast-growing team at Digital BIAS . Ideally, you've had two years of experience in an agency environment, or you're currently working in SaaS or have SaaS experience and would like to broaden y Lire la suite
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ScottLambert le Mars 31, 2020
Google My Business (GMB) is a key digital channel for local businesses as well as all businesses with a location. GMB post expire after 7 days so you need to continuously update your posts to give you an advantage for search results that display the Lire la suite
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Avril 12, 2022
Hey Scott, Zapier has an integration for GMB and HubSpot This will solv...Lire la suite
ThatChristinaG le Août 19, 2021
Welcome! We are so excited to welcome you to HubFans! This group is to help you connect with other advocates, learn from each other, and discover opportunities to highlight your knowledge of HubSpot. In this group, feel free to share yo Lire la suite
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Septembre 26, 2021
Hi I'm Paul, Founder at Digital BIAS, we specialise in complex integrations of HubSpot into proprietary technologies for SaaS platforms as well...Lire la suite
PSullivan le Juillet 14, 2021
We are looking for an ambitious Product Marketing Specialist (PMS) to join our growing team in London. As PMS you are our marketing ninja; you know what to tell the world about our clients' software products and solutions to have the maximum impact. Lire la suite
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IVLEAD2019 le Juillet 31, 2019
Hi everyone, Is anyone else interested in having week by week or month by month comparison for some of their reports? similar to how you compare data on google analytics or any marketing platform. How do you overcome the fact that it doesn't Lire la suite
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Mai 14, 2021
I upvote this too, surely this a standard requirement of reporting needs?
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