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sjorsenator on Julho 20, 2023
Hi there, We have the Salesforce connector activated with HubSpot and run into this weird issue for a date field. A custom conversion date is set in HubSpot after a form is submitted. This is set by a workflow based on the date when the work Leia mais
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Abril 11, 2024
This is because the sync to SF is on a 2h interval. So you'd be wise to add some automation that fires after deal creation to modify a field (doesn't...Leia mais
kylemckay on Junho 11, 2020
Once HubSpot Lead Score is configured, it's difficult to review the list of Scores that've been assigned. Each ruleset takes up a lot of white space, and the fact that we only have 2/3 of the screen to view the PropertyEditModal makes it quit Leia mais
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Junho 08, 2023
/Bumped for visibility
tilly on Fevereiro 26, 2018
Since we can block free email providers and certain domains from filling out standard HubSpot forms, it would be great if Meetings link forms could also block those.
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Maio 30, 2023
Can we PLEASE get a status update on this!?! (I feel like @karstenkoehler could help in this area, lol) Absolutely need this feature, even if it's...Leia mais
TBarnes6 on Maio 30, 2023
Could someone please help me, with creating a newsletter I am having the most difficult time.
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Maio 30, 2023
@TBarnes6 , I echo the same question as @karstenkoehler - where are you getting stuck and need assistance? Karsten provided some grea...Leia mais
khouseman on Fevereiro 27, 2023
Hi there, I am testing the Imports API for use in an integration. The integration needs to create and update Contacts and Companies as well as custom objects (and the associations between those recods) from a single .csv file. Everything work Leia mais
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andrew_thomas on Julho 15, 2022
Currently I can only filter for contacts' on first or last touch converting campaign if I use the "internal name" for a campaign. This is not easy to use (I can't find this value on the campaign, so I have to go to a contact who converted and find t Leia mais
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Outubro 27, 2022
I would love to see this included in HubSpot reporting and list creation. Being able to breakdown data by campaign per BU is something that would be ...Leia mais
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