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Niko Dixon


AMorina on Dezembro 12, 2023
Hi Devs. We have stored some data in HubDB. I wanted to access those data and use them in a ReactJs Module for Hubspot, since I need to implement some complex logic there. Unfortunately, we are running on professional license and we don't have acces Leia mais
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Dezembro 13, 2023
Hey there - @Jaycee_Lewis is right, if you need to access it via API. You'll have to use one of the numerous serverless services in order to do so....Leia mais
AKempen on Novembro 30, 2023
LS, We are building a CRM extension card called "Pricing", we want to target record type Deals. Within this card we want to show a subscription linked to this deal on our platform, to do so we need to know for which company/contact this deal is Leia mais
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Dezembro 01, 2023
Hey there @AKempen - I don't know how you'd go about retrieving any associated Company IDs without explicit use of the HubSpot APIs. I'd recommend ...Leia mais
Lars-Erik on Setembro 17, 2021
The legacy API has a "property mode" to include history when fetching entities. The new API does not have property history at all. Whether the same endpoint or a new one doesn't really matter, but it's super useful to be able to fetch history.
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Abril 03, 2023
Great to hear man - I know the struggle. Made my day when I saw this - to the point I've remembered and come back ~2 weeks later to mention it.
Sigloo on Janeiro 27, 2023
I'm making a request to filter companies via the search API by last modified in some period, which is working great. I'm wondering if there is a filter that can be used to exclude results that were modified programmatically. For example: A compa Leia mais
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Janeiro 30, 2023
Hey @Sigloo , I don't know of a way to get this done without adding to the amount of API requests you're making, which would defeat the purpose if...Leia mais
Harder on Janeiro 26, 2023
Hi there! We are currently working to load Hubspot Data into a Postgres-DB. We are utilizing the v3 API and everything's working fine so far except for incremental data load for contact history data. Regarding the other objects we are fine Leia mais
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Janeiro 26, 2023
Hey there @Harder , I think you're halfway there. My recommendation would be to continue using the search API to identify contacts meeting the cre...Leia mais
SZaid5 on Novembro 17, 2022
I have been working for a client who is a HubSpot Ent. customer. They are using Standard and Custom objects in their HubSpot account. They are also using another analytics tool which provides them the ability to have insights they need and it is co Leia mais
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Novembro 18, 2022
Hey there @SZaid5 , As you've identified, with the exception of a few of the standard objects, (contact and companies as you pointed out) - you're ...Leia mais
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