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Rodrigo Cunha


JimyMason on Setembro 08, 2020
Currently when a date property is used in Hubspot, you only have the option of the format DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY, depending on your region. Being able to choose other formats would be hugely beneficial, especially for marketing emails, as in many Leia mais
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Janeiro 16, 2024
How has this not been done? Some platforms want to push data into HS and we need to use a string field with all the inherent limitations in reporting...Leia mais
amoa on Fevereiro 10, 2020
Especially in the latter stages of the sales process, we are sharing Sales Documents with leads quite extensively. Whereas the tracking and reporting on the Sales Document page itself is good - I can see a full list of who downloaded the document Leia mais
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Novembro 25, 2022
This seems like such an oversight that is hard to understand how it hasn't been done.
rodcunha on Agosto 23, 2022
Hi, The Problem: We have ran into an issue that I thought would be a lot easier to resolve than actually is. There doesn't seem to be a conversation property for owner that is assignable or can be copied to the contact, nor there seems to be Leia mais
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LVered on Setembro 19, 2021
I think it would be helpful if I could add a date range for a dashboard instead of editing each report with the rolling dates.
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Janeiro 05, 2022
I totally agree with this. This makes so much sense I can't believe this has had no upvotes so far. I was going to submit this very idea just now.
rodcunha on Novembro 16, 2021
I recently had some trouble understanding why lists wouldn't populate when I used the same filters as in contacts. As it happens the lists have been given an added functionality to filter in or out results with empty properties while this was defaul Leia mais
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Mr_E on Outubro 18, 2017
The admin account should have the ability to login as other user accounts. This would allow the admin to change the various settings, like notifications, that can only be changed at the user level. Great time and user frustration saver
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Outubro 08, 2021
I would like for us to be added to this beta too. Thanks. R
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