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Tom Mahon

An ex-HubSpotter (product expert for forms and lead gen tools). Now a Freelance product marketer, digital marketer and HubSpot advocate! Ready to help with any issues, big or small!


sberry11 on Dezember 06, 2023
Admittedly, reports is by far the hardest part of HS for me to get my head around. I want to create a report on our deals closed within an adjustable timeframe that have a meeting associated with it versus those without. We are just starting to get Beitrag ansehen
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Dezember 08, 2023
The simplest way I can think of to do this would be to use a custom deal property. Something like a dropdown or a checkbox that just says "meeting bo...Beitrag ansehen
PLeBoulaire on Dezember 07, 2023
Hi community, I am trying to integrate a Hubspot Form in a pop up (which is calling a #contact hidden row later in my page). The issue is that when I print the shortcode, I get a blank section. I have integrated forms in other parts of the werbs Beitrag ansehen
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Dezember 08, 2023
Hey @PLeBoulaire My assumption here would be some custom css is hiding this or something about your page may be stopping the trigger. Do you have a...Beitrag ansehen
NJ_001 on Dezember 05, 2023
Hello HubSpot Community, I'm reaching out to seek assistance with a challenge I've encountered in our company's use of HubSpot for job applications. We have set up application forms on our website where candidates can apply for various positions Beitrag ansehen
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Dezember 05, 2023
Hey @NJ_001 if I'm understanding right, is this an external form integrated with a HubSpot form is this correct? If so, the forms api doesn't actua...Beitrag ansehen
CaptainRice on Dezember 04, 2023
Chrome Extension for Hubspot Sales is increasing the CPU usage of Chrome too high. Anybody found a way to fix it? --SOLVED! Hubspot Tech team released an emergency fix - - 16.7 MB that seems to have fixed this issue. Thank you T Beitrag ansehen
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Dezember 05, 2023
@sharonlicari it sounds like this may be related to a new update
SMcGoldrick on Oktober 03, 2023
Hello, We were recently onboarded using a HubSpot 3rd party that created our html signatures for our users within the platform. However, the twitter social link is still using the old image and "X" is not appearing. How can this be updated? Also Beitrag ansehen
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Dezember 01, 2023
Hi @VBarodzich I don't work for HubSpot so wouldn't have any insight into their release schedules. It might be worth opening a new post to request ...Beitrag ansehen
KMiller33 on November 30, 2023
I'm trying to create an automated email that prompts customers to leave a review for the location they are in. I'm wondering if it's possible to create one email that sends to an entire system (multiple different locations) and links out to each loc Beitrag ansehen
3 Antworten
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Dezember 01, 2023
Thanks for the tag Pam! Hey @KMiller33 as Pam mentioned the best way to do this would be through persinalization tokens (or merge tags as they're c...Beitrag ansehen
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