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Karsten Köhler

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PHFeldmann on July 17, 2024
Bin zwar gut im Vertrieb, habe aber so recht keine Ahnung wie ich meine Mailadresse nun endgültig verknüpfen kann. Mag mir jemand helfen?
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Hall of Famer | Partner
July 20, 2024
@PHFeldmann welche Daten genau? Auf welchen Schritt genau in der Anleitung beziehst du dich? Auf Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, more
McBainKD on July 19, 2024
Hi there, I'm looking to import a bunch of Contacts from another CRM into HubSpot but assign them to a Company, but also flag their association with that Company using an Association Label. Is there a way to do that in bulk without having to read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 20, 2024
Hi @McBainKD , Yes, this is possible, see here: more
DAnderson60 on July 19, 2024
Someone sent me an email and I got that email from my email provider but it did not get logged into my Hubspot. I have IAMP and SMTP enabled. Yes the clients email is stored as a contact. I even created a test client and used one of my old emails read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 20, 2024
Hi @DAnderson60 , Was this a net new email (and not a reply)? HubSpot only logs incoming emails to your personal connected email address when more
JFair on July 19, 2024
I am looking to merge two fields we have for contacts, or have one disabled and the data from that one transferred to the other field. We currently have a 'Company Name' field and a 'Primary Company' field. I would like there to be only one field th read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 20, 2024
Hi @JFair , Just to confirm, you're not referring to these two, are you? The first is the association between contact and more
Matt-B on July 17, 2024
Hey everyone, I'm excited to try out the HubSpot AI chatbot but I noticed it only accepts training data through URLs. What's the best way to add data from Word documents, PDFs, or Excel files for the chatbot? Do I need to put that data on a web read more
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Hall of Famer | Partner
July 20, 2024
@SLiu168 you're correct, PDFs seem to be stuck in the review stage – something that HubSpot is likely going to fix. Keep in mind that this is more
CSchmidlapp on July 19, 2024
I sent an email to a list of people using my free account. However, if you try to respond to the email address from hubspot from the email client, you get a bounce with an error message: " because the domain couldn't be f read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 20, 2024
Hi @CSchmidlapp , This is correct and expected behavior. HubSpot does not have a way to access replies to its shared email sending more
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