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Rachel Howlett

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shiling en Marzo 06, 2019
Currently the quote number is formatted as #yyyymmdd-xxxxxxxx, wherexxxxxxxx are random non-sequential numbers. I'd like to be able to configure how the quote number is formatted and generated, e.g. QU-xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is a sequential number. Leer más
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Julio 07, 2023
This absolutely needs to be customisable, have a client moving on to HubSpot with an established quote numbering system that they wish to maintain. H...Leer más
SamuelBanks en May 17, 2022
Hey HubSpot We work with a number of organisations that are migrating to the Service Hub from other software purely for HubSpot's centralised automation and suite of products. A recurring pain point is the lack of functionality to perform actions Leer más
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May 24, 2023
This is so needed, especially with the advances around association labels. I am needing to automate an enrollment in sequence, for a 'project l...Leer más
NicoleSengers en Febrero 21, 2022
I would love to be able to add in the new association labels using a workflow - rather than needing to do this manually. this would enable businesses who have contact A who makes a booking and Contacts B, C, D etc who attend a course or an event f Leer más
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Enero 19, 2023
Awesome, looking forward to the beta!
CSGerdes en Octubre 02, 2020
We wan't to use other properties when we are importing companies and contacts into HubSpot, besides the predefined properties used. (Companies = domain name; Contacts = email). For instance, it would be easy to just match companies based on com Leer más
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Octubre 20, 2022
A very needed feature. I work with clients where there may be multiple location of a business supported by the same domain, but they each have a uniq...Leer más
MStewart76 en Agosto 04, 2021
It would be great to see the actual date any property was created.
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Julio 19, 2022
Yes, this would be very useful to have. I have encountered this instance where duplicate fields appear and whilst I can see who created them I don't ...Leer más
ngambuti en Febrero 24, 2020
To be able to unmerge contacts. It is often an issue if two different contacts use the same browser, where their activity feed would be combined. To be able to check off which entries you are moving to a new contact, then create that new cont Leer más
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Junio 17, 2022
Yes, please add, human error does occasionally strike. Having an undo function from an area where you see past merged records would be great
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