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Robin Villoz


serlim on Fevereiro 16, 2022
Hi team! I have a customer who accidentally deleted actions from her workflow and was looking to restore them. Unfortunately we do not currently have a means doing this, neither are we able to view previous versions of the chatflow (similar to work Leia mais
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Fevereiro 22, 2024
Yes please. It would make testings much more easy!
RV6 on Dezembro 15, 2023
I am currently working on a complex chatbot with various if/then branches. When testing, I see that these do not work exactly. I don't have the nerves and time for clicking and checking every single action. I need a better overview and not everythin Leia mais
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callie on Julho 22, 2022
We have our main round-robin meeting links that are used for various teams. These meeting links are a part of sequences, marketing emails, and workflows (as both triggers and goals). It would be amazing if, similar to the properties "used in" view, Leia mais
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Junho 02, 2023
Please make this possible - I have to change all our links for the next month. I don't want to miss changing it on one of our landingpages.
TPiotrowski3 on Abril 08, 2021
Many tools allow for auto-pausing sequences and it would be great to have that in Hubspot's tool! Out of office reply's are often and if it would pause until the prospect returns when someone replies that they are out of office until x date.
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Junho 02, 2023
Please make this possible
noah on Junho 15, 2017
Free users are limited to 5 templates; unfortunately if you have more (for example 10) template within your company free users only see the oldest 5 templates. I want to select (for every free user) what templates they can use.
Março 23, 2023
In the meantime we are using textblaze. It's easy to use (chrome extension) and for free (up to 20 templates). Unfortunately, we do have to write in ...Leia mais
jmangiameli on Maio 02, 2022
Hello HubSpot community! Currently we provide phone numbers in the US, UK and Canada but we have plans to offer numbers in many more countries. We don't have a timetable but it is something we are actively working on. Use this post to let us know Leia mais
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Março 17, 2023
Switzerland 🇨🇭
Marque conteúdo para acesso rápido às suas conversas mais úteis.
Todos têm que começar em algum lugar! Por que não começar sua jornada nos contando um pouco sobre os seus interesses?


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