World Certification Week 2022

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Session Recap & Resources: Mentoring Early Career Professional Development

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Hey everyone!


Thank you so much for attending the session "Mentoring Early Career Professional Development" during World Certification Week 2022!


I know I had a blast learning from:



My favorite takeaway from the session was about how to build learning into your job in order to grow into greater responsibilities and roles:


  • Paid internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Extended leave covers
  • Expanded scope projects


I find it particularly relevant for me to dive into expanded scope projects whenever I wish to grow into a new role or responsibility. This is particularly useful whenever I want to prove to senior leadership that I am ready for the next role I wish to take on.


During the session, these two fabulous people shared a Google Doc with rich media and links to every single resource they mentioned during their presentation.



Go take a read through this awesome resource and pull from it whatever you need!

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