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Hi, my name is Paloma and I have more than 20 years of experience in communications and public relations, as you can imagine there have been many changes in that time. I'm new to HubSpot, as part of an effort to learn and get up to date with new trends in digital marketing. Any advices will be appreciated 🙂


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Hi @PalomaF , welcome to the group and to HubSpot! You're definitely in the right place to learn new trends!


Since you have so much experience in the industry, I recommend the Digital Marketing certification, it covers a lot of really great topics and can help you narrow down your focus for what you'd like to tackle first.

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Welcome to the Community, @PalomaF

I would recommend checking out our Study Groups to connect with peers on topics such as Social Media and Marketing 🙂 


I would like to invite our Community members to this conversation to see if they have any advice.

Hi @NicoleSengers@MuseDebbie@Jnix284 - Do you have any advice for keeping up on digital marketing trends? 

Thank you! 




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Sure, thanks for the tag @kvlschaefer 😎


Hi @PalomaF,


In addition to other insights from community responses so far, I'd also recomend you check out HubSpots 2022 Marketing Statistics, Trends & Data - The Ultimate list of marketing statistics.


Apart from social media trends, you'll see statistics & trends from other areas such as content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, lead generation, sales and loads more.


Hope you find this helpful