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Customer/Buyer Personas


I need help to better understand creating a buyer persona. I understand the concept of it and its importance. 

I am confused about collecting the information.

I can identify their location and know the type of customers I want to serve. But how do I know their age, passion, likes, dislikes, and the like?

Please I need someone to help me understand the whole concept of getting the information to put in a buyer persona.


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Customer/Buyer Personas

Thanks for the tag @kvlschaefer ! I believe our team member @brandonlward has been doing some persona work lately and may have some insights to share!

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Customer/Buyer Personas

Hi @KJallow happy to help get you started with Buyer Personas.


Not knowing your industry, use-case, available resources, etc. it is hard to know what will work best for you, but here is some general info to help ease the pressure of creating your personas with all the data at the get-go.


In an ideal world, we all have the necessary customer data and insights to create perfect buyer personas, but the truth is that unless you engage with an agency or have your internal team conduct customer focus groups, surveys, etc. you're likely going to have to start with some assumptions - and that's ok.


What do you know about the type of customer you are trying to target? Can you create enough information to map out the basics for your persona(s)? 


The most important thing is knowing who you want to target, who is your product/services designed to serve?


From there, you can start outlining your personas. Then, as you make sales and gather data in HubSpot (with your Sales Team updating the persona for their leads), you can start to pull details from those leads, gather feedback, etc. and build more detail into your personas.


Like most things, the best thing to do is to get started - if you can build out your basic personas enough to have your sales team start using them, you can start collecting the data you need.


If you have the data you need, then absolutely start to analyze it and identify customers that meet your ideal buyer persona and start gathing more specific feedback.

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Customer/Buyer Personas

Hi @KJallow,


Thanks for reaching out!


I wanted to refer you this blog post on how to create detailed buyer personas. It has helpful tips on how you can find out more about your buyer personas, such as conducting interviews with your customers. 


I also would like to invite our subject matter experts to this conversation.

Hi @Jnix284@NicoleSengers@MuseDebbie@JenBergren - Do you have any recommendations or insight for @KJallow


Thank you!




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Customer/Buyer Personas

Thank you Kristen. I will definitely check the blog out right away.