Hi! I'm Joe, the Ideas Forum Manager!

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Hello HubSpot Community! 


Allow me to introduce myself — My name is Joe, and I'm the Ideas Forum Manager! It is my responsibility to make sure the Ideas Forum remains a friendly, productive environment for HubSpot enthusiasts to post Ideas about how we can improve the HubSpot product, and to pass that feedback along to our Product Team so we can continue to build the HubSpot product in ways that our users want to see.


HubSpot has thousands of enthusiastic users, so as you can imagine, we receive a substantial amount of feedback on the Ideas Forum. Generally speaking, the more upvotes an Idea has the more likely it is to be considered for development, as that indicates a high demand for the proposed feature. Not every Idea will receive a sufficient number of upvotes to warrant consideration for development, and not every Idea that is considered will pass our development and testing process. 


Thanks to the Ideas posted by HubSpot users, the Ideas Forum has been the birthplace of some of HubSpot’s most beloved and powerful features, and I’d like to ensure it is the source of many more!


Your feedback is the foundation of HubSpot, so it is of great importance that the Ideas Forum is regarded as a place where we can all put our heads together to achieve our common goal of improving HubSpot.


I’m greatly looking forward to working with all of you!



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