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Getting involved on the Community: How to Host an AMA

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In addition to being a place where you can have your technical questions answered, the HubSpot Community is the hub for connecting with other HubSpot users and enthusiasts. One format in which these conversations can be had is an Ask Me Anything, or AMA. During an AMA  subject matter experts make themselves available to answer Community users’ questions.


If you are partnering with the HubSpot Community to host an AMA, here are a few tips to get you started.


  1. Create your Community user
    1. The first step to hosting an AMA is becoming a user on the Community (if you are not already). For a full set of instructions on setting your user up, click here.
  2. Decide on your topic
    1. Topics should be broad enough to stimulate conversation, but specific enough to serve a purpose and highlight your expertise.
    2. Examples:
      1. Content Strategy AMA
      2. Inbound Sales AMA 
  3. Decide on a time frame
    1. The key to success is communicating the start date (date of publication) and end date with Community users, as well as outlining when you will be online answering questions.
      1. This cadence of answering questions can range from every afternoon, once a week at a set time, or during specific dates and times.
    1. As the host of the AMA, you can determine the length of the conversation.
  4. Communicate with your contacts at HubSpot
    1. In order to have a successful AMA, we recommend working with the HubSpot Community team ( @jennysowyrda, @roisinkirby). This will allow us to moderate your AMA and assist with any technical questions you may have.
      1. Moderation includes moving unrelated questions off of your thread, answering technical questions, and stimulating conversation amongst Community users.
  5. Publish your introduction post
    1.  Your first post announcing your AMA should include:
      1. Your name
      2. The topic of your AMA
      3. Your background and relevant HubSpot experience (A summary of your HubSpot and Inbound credentials)
      4. The time frame of your AMA
      5. Example questions
  6. Promote your post
    1. AMAs are only as successful as the users who engage with them. Share your AMA with your network to begin the conversation and answer questions that may interest other users.

If you have any questions about getting started or becoming involved, please reach out to the Community team for more information.


Happy HubSpotting,

The Community Team


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