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PMusalia le Septembre 23, 2023
Great to be here and ready to learn with you all guys..Much love
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PMusalia le Septembre 23, 2023
Hello everyone..feels good to be part of this amazing platform, and to walk this journey together..am new here,any sort of help or guidelines please will appreciate
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EvanMod le Septembre 21, 2023
Hello my name is Evan and I am the owner of a coffee shop and cafe supply company and have been in business for 28 years. I have tried to use all kinds of methods over the years to manage leads and CRM but deal with some A.D.D. that causes me some i Lire la suite
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Septembre 22, 2023 12:18
Coffe business is all about a liquid business in which the customer is important, we have to serve quality and extra ordinary hygeinc to attract the ...Lire la suite
cscamacho le Septembre 19, 2023
Hello! I'm Catherine you can call me Cath. I just started today with this course. Hope to learn how to communicate fluently.
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Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Septembre 19, 2023 09:59
Welcome to the community @cscamacho , happy you're here! All the best in your journey ahead with HubSpot, the community is a great place to as...Lire la suite
DWhyte le Septembre 05, 2023
Hi! I'm Dominic, co-founder of fillout.com , a new type of form builder for HubSpot. Fillout connects directly to HubSpot when you first create a form, which makes the integration simpler than other form tools. Out-of-the-box, Fillout can: Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Septembre 06, 2023 12:26
Hello @DWhyte , we're delighted to have you here and appreciate your sharing this option with us. Best, Diana
Miniresa le Août 28, 2023
Hi there! I'm the new hilarious education major flipping the switch and trying to dive in the online ocean and learn all that can in this amazing community. Responsible for marketing in non-profit/for profit childcare sector. What pearls of wisdo Lire la suite
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Conseiller clé | Partenaire solutions Gold
Août 30, 2023 21:48
Hi @Miniresa Hopefully you know about the HubSpot Nonprofit Programme - if you meet the criteria there are significant savings for non-pro...Lire la suite
STriggiani le Août 28, 2023
Hi, it's nice to meet all of you! My name is Stephanie Triggiani, Global Director of Marketing and Communications. Recently I spearheaded our CMS platform migration from EpiServer to HubSpot and also migrated our Marketing Automation from Pardot to Lire la suite
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Conseiller clé | Partenaire solutions Gold
Août 28, 2023 18:38
Nice work @STriggiani The community here is amazing - looking forward to help answer those tricky questions when they come. Mike Her...Lire la suite
JNeihardt le Août 21, 2023
Hello! My name is Jessica and i am the Operations Manager for Exemplar Companies and new to HubSpot. We are moving CRM's from SalesForce to HubSpot in a few months so I have been doing some training to familiarize myself with the platform p Lire la suite
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Contributeur de premier rang | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Août 28, 2023 22:16
Awesome! Welcome to the community. We created a course on the integration between HubSpot and Salesforce. A lot of teams will set up the integration ...Lire la suite
KHartley2 le Août 21, 2023
Hi My name is Kevin I live in Auckland New Zealand I am a business owner, I have a House Washing company I want to learn everything about marketing and apply it to my business and expand unfortunately I am not terribly computer literate so I jine Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Août 22, 2023 07:48
Hi @KHartley2 , Thank you for your introduction and welcome to the Community! We are excited to have you here 🙂 I'd like to share this article...Lire la suite
MikePza le Août 07, 2023
Hi everyone, This is Mike and I have just recently signed my company up with Hubspot and looking to bringing myself and fellow staff members up to speed with the functionality of Hubspot as quickly as possible - so any and all suggestions woul Lire la suite
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Contributeur | Partenaire solutions Platinum
Septembre 08, 2023 11:48
Bumping this with additional info. ERP Bridge is a top 30 connector that syncs commerce and customer data between on-premises ERPs and HubSpot. Sage...Lire la suite
DBrown79 le Juillet 31, 2023
From syncing contacts to the flow of the deal page -- as I am getting accustomed to using all the tools in concert, it is all coming together ! I have used other CRMs in my past lives where snippets or even playbooks were difficult to implement Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Août 01, 2023 03:26
Hi @DBrown79 , Welcome to the Community and HubSpot! We're so happy to hear that your onboarding process is going well 😄 If yo...Lire la suite
ARAnkit le Juillet 03, 2023
Hey it's Ankit here I'm sure you all will be good ,I am new here I don't too much about email marketing if anyone help me then I will be thankful for you 😊 Namaste.
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Juillet 10, 2023 06:32
Hi @ARAnkit , Welcome to the Community! We are glad to have you here 🙂 Regarding marketing emails, I'd like to share these ressources that migh...Lire la suite
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