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Es-star le Juin 16, 2024
Hello, My name is Esther and I am thrilled to learn about email marketing.
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CZUÑIGA7 le Juin 16, 2024
Hola soy Chava Zuñiga me he dedicado a las ventas durante más de 20 años y quiero seguir creciendo profesionalmente actualmente me dedico a los bienes raíces
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ablalock le Juin 13, 2024
Hi everyone. I'm Amy and new to HubSpot. Looking forward to learing more!
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juin 13, 2024 18:13
Hey @ablalock , It's great to have you here on HubSpot. Feel free to ask any questions you have as you're getting started—we're all here to help e...Lire la suite
MCattanach le Juin 13, 2024
Hi there, My wife and I are new to the Hubspot CRM, using it primarily to build websites and offer web services to clients. We have moved from Wordpress due to the increased security features that Hubspot has, as standard. Best regards, Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Juin 13, 2024 17:19
Hey @MCattanach , Welcome to HubSpot CRM! It's great to hear that you and your wife are diving into HubSpot to build websites and offer web...Lire la suite
Maria_Roman le Juin 12, 2024
👋 Hello everyone! My name is Maria Roman, I am new to the HS world and taking my Super Admin Bootcamp Certification! We currently use HS Marketing Enterprise, will be getting set up on Sale Enterprise & Operations Pro. Amazed and overwhelme Lire la suite
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2 Réponses
Juin 12, 2024 19:25
Thank you for the reply and for the virtual introduction to the HS experts! Looking forward to learning everything there is to know to help make our...Lire la suite
devphoenix le Juin 10, 2024
Hello Team, Could you please provide details about the future plans for HubSpot APIs, specifically versions v1, v2, v3, and v4? When are they scheduled for deprecation? Thank you!
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2 Réponses
Juin 11, 2024 00:47
Hi @PamCotton , I just want to know if there is any expected timeline from HubSpot for the deprecation of these API versions. Thanks.
AAssis6 le Juin 05, 2024
Hello, I'm starting the course. I intend to specialize in creating content about the environment and sustainability.
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juin 05, 2024 18:41
Hey @AAssis6 , thank you for reaching out! That's awesome! Focus on researching current environmental issues, find a specific niche, and eng...Lire la suite
AChaudhary9 le Juin 05, 2024
Hey.. I am Aarush. I am studying in high school. I want to pursue my career in digital marketing.. Through this community I expect support for one another and help each other..
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juin 05, 2024 18:25
Hi @AChaudhary9 , welcome to the HubSpot Community! It's great to meet you. Pursuing a career in digital marketing sounds exciting. You've ...Lire la suite
JT90 le Juin 04, 2024
Hi there, First of all, I love HubSpot more than any other CRM system. I persuaded our team to use HubSpot when we were choosing a CRM system. However, my recent experiences have not been very positive. We signed a contract for 3 Sales Hub P Lire la suite
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3 Réponses
Contributeur de premier rang
Juin 06, 2024 16:21
@JT90 glad you were able to resolve this issue! Now you can go back to loving HubSpot 😅
Rupesh31 le Mai 24, 2024
Helloo, I'm Rupesh Thakur, a digital marketer. I've been working in this field for over three years. I now work for a non-profit organization where I perform graphic design, social media management, Paid ads, photography, and video editing all in Lire la suite
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 24, 2024 17:28
Hey @Rupesh31 , Happy Friday! Welcome to the community! Your diverse skills in digital marketing, graphic design, and content creation sound...Lire la suite
SMilad le Mai 21, 2024
I'm experiencing issues with syncing my contacts in HubSpot and could really use some guidance. Despite following the recommended steps, I'm encountering problems where some contacts don't sync properly, or updates made in one platform aren't reflec Lire la suite
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2 Réponses
Membre irremplaçable | Partenaire solutions Elite
Mai 22, 2024 13:17
Hey there @SMilad and welcome to the Community. Without knowing the system you're using, it may be difficult to know what's going wrong. ...Lire la suite
FRamosAntonio le Mai 18, 2024
Olá estou aqui para aprender uma filosofia ou método para me relacionar melhor com meu futuros clientes, estou buscando uma mudança de carreira e é sempre importante ter uma boa orientação para um novo começo.
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 20, 2024 09:00
Oi @FRamosAntonio obrigada por postar em nossa Comunidade! Sempre otimo buscar mudanças na carreira, @Brenner , @Tesore e @caiodonal...Lire la suite
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