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Garreth_A on Juli 25, 2024
Hey HubSpot community, I'm Garreth. With six years of experience crafting compelling SEO-based blog posts and articles for various audiences, it's obvious that I love creating engaging content. My focus revolves around creating the best work Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
TVanMuijden on Juli 23, 2024
Hello everyone, My name is Tobias; I am the country manager of BNLX for a scaleup in Mobility (Nabogo). Feel free to reach out on LI -> Tobias van Muijden
1 Antwort
Juli 23, 2024 18:49
Hi @TVanMuijden ! Welcome to the HubSpot Community! We're excited to have you here! Feel free to ask any questions you have along the w...Beitrag ansehen
JGreisen on Juli 22, 2024
I'm Jeanne and glad to be here to learn.
1 Antwort
Vordenker/-in | Platinum Partner
Juli 22, 2024 12:12
👋 Hi Jeanne! Nice to meet you.
KMacCalla on Juli 17, 2024
Hi! My company is new to HubSpot and looking for a solution/best option for our current data collection for our Sponsors. We require Sponsors to submit their Company Logo, Company Description, Speaker, and Speaker's bio. We have a high return rate a Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Vordenker/-in | Platinum Partner
Juli 17, 2024 13:27
Hey @KMacCalla this isn't currently possible. You can set fields in a HubSpot form to not display if the values are known through progressive fiel...Beitrag ansehen
NajatKampol on Juli 16, 2024
Hello everyone 👋 I'm Najat. A medical biochemistry student who had decided to take a course in email marketing to know more about the marketing world
1 Antwort
Vordenker/-in | Platinum Partner
Juli 17, 2024 04:52
Welcome Najat! Best of luck on your journey!
AVL_Jace on Juli 10, 2024
Hey, I'm very new to Hubspot. I'm a Super Admin, but I can't edit my permissions or add other users. I reached out to support, and they told me to post my question here. Currently, I'm the only user.
1 Antwort
Berühmtheit | Elite Partner
Juli 10, 2024 20:28
@AVL_Jace you wouldn't be able to edit your own permissions because you are the only user and have access to everything as a super admin. How...Beitrag ansehen
JFleming51 on Juli 07, 2024
I am on a starter plan but canno get my Hubspot website to verify to my domain www.jmfwriter.net . I have been trying everything for 2 days, always with the same result. As far as I can see, I have set the DNS correctly on my Domain managemen Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Juli 07, 2024 21:12
Hi Thanks for helping. Yes, I had a look at that article, and others, and I have done my best to get it right. As you can see from the screenshots, ...Beitrag ansehen
kdeephrom on Juli 05, 2024
Hi everyone, nice to meet you all
1 Antwort
Juli 05, 2024 12:56
Hi @kdeephrom Welcome to the Community!
RSG325 on Juli 03, 2024
Hello, I am so happy to be learning on HubSpot and being in a supportive environment with other individuals interested in learning and expanding their skill sets. I wish everyone the best of luck on their journeys.
1 Antwort
Juli 05, 2024 12:58
Hi @RSG325 ! Welcome to Hubspot Community 🙂 Happy learning!
MarcelRüegg on Juli 02, 2024
Hi We get the attached Window on a Windows 11 laptop does it come from Hubspot?
1 Antwort
Juli 02, 2024 17:13
Hi @MarcelRüegg , thank you for posting in the HubSpot Community! At first glance, that error message doesn't appear to be from HubSpot, but rathe...Beitrag ansehen
ADyer1 on Juni 20, 2024
How do I change my business name in global content editor? When I access the global content editor, everything is greyed out and I can't change any content.
1 Antwort
Berühmtheit | Elite Partner
Juni 20, 2024 20:23
@ADyer1 could you share a screenshot of what you're trying to change? There are also settings under Account Defaults, Branding and/or Brand K...Beitrag ansehen
DavorGj on Juni 20, 2024
So i made a free Hubspot account a few minutes ago and i sent an invite to my supperior as an super admin . but after they complete the setup this message pops up . Does any one know what is causing it and how to resolve it ?
1 Antwort
Juni 20, 2024 14:02
Hey @DavorGj , Welcome to our Community! If you're inactive in your HubSpot account after 24 hours, you will automatically be logged out, ev...Beitrag ansehen
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