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JDaniel5 5月 29日, 2023
Hello Hub, I'm Jack Daniel. New to the world of marketing and looking forward to learning and connecting with y'all.
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1 コメント
5月 29日, 2023 15:34
Hi @JDaniel5 , nice to meet you! Happy you're here, how did you get started with HubSpot? Does your current role/company use HubSpot?
KDavis96 5月 23日, 2023
Hey guys! Happy to have found this group, I've already learned so much. I absolutely love my proffession and company, but I struggle with with pretty severe ADHD and a hectic personal schedule outside of work. I also don't have much expereince in cr 続きを読む
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Accepted Solution
5月 23日, 2023 18:23
Congrats on landing a great position! I don't have an exact best practice in creating a calendar because it can vary much from company to company, in...続きを読む
AFox4 5月 22日, 2023
I have been working in inbound telesales centers for about half of my life as a sales representative and as an "elder millennial" I've grown with technology. Recently I've learned that I'm unsatisfied and unfulfilled in a sales role specifically. H 続きを読む
1 いいね!
1 コメント
5月 23日, 2023 07:44
This is wonderful @AFox4 , welcome to the Community! 🎉 We're here to grow with you! 🙂 Cheers Mia, Community Team
JSucato 5月 15日, 2023
Can't get enough information on my computer screen. How do I double what I see.
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1 コメント
5月 15日, 2023 13:26
Hi @JSucato , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Can you please clarify which information you are trying to see on your screen...続きを読む
RyanCantrell 5月 11日, 2023
Hi, my name is Ryan and I am just getting started with HubSpot Sales & Marketing. I am currently workng on the devlopment of a company account with both HubSpot onboarding and my Team. If you have and tips for getting starting or any workflows o 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
5月 12日, 2023 13:19
Hi @RyanCantrell , Welcome to the Community and HubSpot! I would like to invite our community rockstars to see if they have advice 😁...続きを読む
mbigger 5月 01日, 2023
I'm new and cannot figure out how to delete one of my Community posts. It should be but it is not obvious. Where do I find the delete button?
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1 コメント
5月 02日, 2023 14:51
Hi @mbigger , Welcome to the Community and HubSpot! Currently, community members don't have the ability to delete posts in Community. Y...続きを読む
TOmotayo 3月 30日, 2023
Hello everyone, Titilope is my name and I'm from Nigeria. I love to learn and currently learning Content marketing. Happy to be here.
1 いいね!
1 コメント
3月 30日, 2023 18:53
Hi @TOmotayo 😊 Welcome to the Community and happy learning 😉 Best, Diana
alynn 3月 15日, 2023
Hi, I'm a Coach and a Program Manager for a non-profit sports organization that hopes to understand more about CRM and the Sales aspect of Hubspot while also finding ways to make productivity seamless and more organizational for my company. Loo 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
3月 15日, 2023 16:20
Hi @alynn , hope you are having great day 😊 We are happy to have you here, welcome and happy learning 😁 Best, Diana
MMeehan 3月 10日, 2023
Hello! I am new to CRM systems entirely and the organization I am working with is exploring HubSpot as a CRM tool and looking to leverage its many other advanced features to help the business. I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with t 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
3月 10日, 2023 13:39
Hi @MMeehan , hope you are doing well! It is amazing to have you here! Happy learning! 😁 Diana
AMohajan 2月 21日, 2023
Hi I am Abhishek. I am new here with contextual marketing course. I am really very much excited.
0 いいね!
1 コメント
2月 21日, 2023 12:51
Hi @AMohajan , welcome to the Community 😊 Happy learning! Best, Diana
LSilsbee 2月 16日, 2023
I'm Lynda from Kirkland WA and been using HS for several years but mostly having others on my team use it for me. I want to learn to use it better/more effectively and efficiently. I was directed to the HS Academy which is great but even that is a b 続きを読む
1 いいね!
4 コメント
ソートリーダー | Elite Partner
2月 20日, 2023 08:33
Love that advice and those questions @MariSuper !
LHoffman21 2月 16日, 2023
Hello from Boca Raton, FL. My name is Lisa Hoffman. I'm an Executive Marketing Consultant (Return on Marketing, Inc.). I'm here to master the art of HubSpot. Just beginning this journey to understand the functionality and how everything is integ 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
2月 16日, 2023 16:17
Hi @LHoffman21 , hope you are doing well! Welcome to the Community and happy learning 🙂 Best, Diana



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