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alynn on March 15, 2023
Hi, I'm a Coach and a Program Manager for a non-profit sports organization that hopes to understand more about CRM and the Sales aspect of Hubspot while also finding ways to make productivity seamless and more organizational for my company. Loo read more
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Community Manager
March 15, 2023 13:20
Hi @alynn , hope you are having great day 😊 We are happy to have you here, welcome and happy learning 😁 Best, Diana
MMeehan on March 10, 2023
Hello! I am new to CRM systems entirely and the organization I am working with is exploring HubSpot as a CRM tool and looking to leverage its many other advanced features to help the business. I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with t read more
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Community Manager
March 10, 2023 10:39
Hi @MMeehan , hope you are doing well! It is amazing to have you here! Happy learning! 😁 Diana
AMohajan on February 20, 2023
Hi I am Abhishek. I am new here with contextual marketing course. I am really very much excited.
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Community Manager
February 21, 2023 09:51
Hi @AMohajan , welcome to the Community 😊 Happy learning! Best, Diana
LSilsbee on February 16, 2023
I'm Lynda from Kirkland WA and been using HS for several years but mostly having others on my team use it for me. I want to learn to use it better/more effectively and efficiently. I was directed to the HS Academy which is great but even that is a b read more
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4 Replies
Thought Leader | Elite Partner
February 20, 2023 05:33
Love that advice and those questions @MariSuper !
LHoffman21 on February 16, 2023
Hello from Boca Raton, FL. My name is Lisa Hoffman. I'm an Executive Marketing Consultant (Return on Marketing, Inc.). I'm here to master the art of HubSpot. Just beginning this journey to understand the functionality and how everything is integ read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
February 16, 2023 13:17
Hi @LHoffman21 , hope you are doing well! Welcome to the Community and happy learning 🙂 Best, Diana
KendallGiles on February 15, 2023
Hi! My name is Kendall and I am a Marketing Manager for a digital talent solutions firm. I've used HubSpot in the past and am excited to be implementing a new instance in my current role. HubSpot has been a very helpful tool for us and I know there read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
February 16, 2023 04:20
Hi @KendallGiles , Welcome to the Community! We're happy to have you here 🙂 Best, Kristen
MMunger on February 14, 2023
Hey guys! Super excited to be back to using Hubspot. I have used this in the past for the sales CRM but now I am going to be using it for both our marketing and our sales. I look forward to the ease and encomasing offers this has to offer.
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1 Reply
Community Manager
February 14, 2023 16:32
Hi @MMunger , hope you are doing well! We are happy you are back 🙂 ¡Happy learning! Best, Diana
NickFaulkner on February 08, 2023
Hi Everyone! I am Nick Faulkner, Marketing Manager for True North Gear. We've just started using Hubspot and very excited to get things going and learn from the community! Cheers!
1 Reply
Thought Leader | Partner
February 08, 2023 17:08
Hi @NickFaulkner , welcome to the HubSpot Community! It's a great place to learn and grow!
LGauthier on February 06, 2023
Hello All, My name is Lauren and my company is just beginning onboarding with HubSpot! We'll be integrating DialPad, DealHub, and possibly Mapsly to create full-cirle customer journey so if anyone has some beneficial information or experiences to sh read more
4 Replies
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
February 07, 2023 14:00
Welcome, @LGauthier ! And thanks for including me in the conversation, @kvlschaefer ! Super exciting to hear that you have a clean slate with...read more
CRead9 on February 04, 2023
Hi I am new here , and am learning about the processes , developing teams and so forth , I would love to hear back from another newbie to share ideas and learn from
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2 Replies
February 06, 2023 08:34
Hi , thanks for reaching out , I have been through the demo , and have learned about the components of a story to show clients or prospective clients ...read more
mousumi on February 01, 2023
Hello I am here to learn about content marketing for my own knowledge
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
February 01, 2023 09:36
Hi @mousumi , Welcome to the Community! We hope you enjoy your experience here 🙂 Happy learning! Best, Kristen
FBorja on January 31, 2023
Hello, I am Fernanda Borja, from Ecuador, I am a travel advisor for guests visiting Ecuador and Galapagos. I want to learn inbound marketing to help grow the sales on the visitors com ok ng to Ecuador and the Galapagos islands.
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
February 01, 2023 09:36
Hi @FBorja , Welcome to the Community! We're happy to have you here 🙂 I'd recommend joining the Inbound Study Group to connect with o...read more
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