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SistEmi on March 29, 2024
Hello to the whole community, I'm new to HubSpot and would like to experiment with importing our current custom CRM, various configurations and integrations with Third Party Apps. During this process we will definitely make some disasters. The read more
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2 Replies
March 30, 2024 03:44
Hi PamCotton, Thank you for your answer!! > To re-start the account you would need to delete the data manually, For data ok, I could delet...read more
mbigger on May 01, 2023
I'm new and cannot figure out how to delete one of my Community posts. It should be but it is not obvious. Where do I find the delete button?
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7 Replies
Community Manager
May 03, 2024 13:08
@Anonymous I appreciate your passion on this topic. However, the HubSpot community is a supportive avenue for customers to share advice and tips and...read more
LSilsbee on February 16, 2023
I'm Lynda from Kirkland WA and been using HS for several years but mostly having others on my team use it for me. I want to learn to use it better/more effectively and efficiently. I was directed to the HS Academy which is great but even that is a b read more
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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
February 20, 2023 08:33
Love that advice and those questions @MariSuper !
NanOo on May 18, 2022
Hi all. I am Nan from B360 CRM Marketing Agency in Myanmar. As HubSpot is very new to the Myanmar market, I am looking for a strategy to introduce "HubSpot CRM" in Myanmar. Any suggestions would be helpful for me. Thank you.
Community Manager
May 19, 2022 05:55
Hi @NanOo Thank you for reaching out and Welcome to the Community! You could find some interesting dicussions in our Inbound study gr...read more
VincePerfetto on December 28, 2021
It seems like this would be easy, but actually, I can't find this anywhere. How can I change the email address where my HubSpot Community notifications go? For context, this is the location in my account I'm referring to. Thank you for your he read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Community Manager
June 27, 2022 05:51
Hi @MMGF Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay here! You will need to create a new community user with your personal emai...read more
Ardiansyah on June 22, 2021
hello let me introduce ardian from Indonesia at hubspot there is an online course to research the market or not to research the market starting from buyer demographics to buyer empathy maps I really need a market research course to find out my buyer read more
July 10, 2021 08:24
Hello, my self Noor pari and I'm a newbie at the forums and Learns best through explicit instruction and worked examples. Hope you guys defienitely ...read more
PamCotton on February 03, 2021
🎓 Class of February 2021 🎓 Welcome to the HubSpot Community! If you've been tagged here, it means you just arrived in our Community! That's exciting news! 😁 We want to make sure to provide yo read more
3 Replies
Community Manager
February 17, 2021 19:16
Hello @AHamilton5 @ajankowski @AleGorokhova @AElmir @ALD93 @ABirouti @AmySmartPA @AReber @ajwd @ACattin @AAcosta @ADuncza @G...read more
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