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Hello HubSpot lovers,


I'm really happy to be here! My name is Jelena and I have been a HubSpot user for years. It is my favorite tool. 

I have been using/offering HubSpot as an agency (HS partner) and as a company (end-user). In both cases, HubSpot has helped me deliver an exceptional, consistent, and relevant digital experience to our customers.


I'm looking forward to learning from you all. 


Happy HubSpotting!

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Hi - a little stunned!  Just stumbled on the fact our company has this and feeling ultra proud!  Haven't worked out how we get badges etc but when I do, I shall be shouting loud on social media 🙂


Hello everyone,


Glad to be part of the Hubspot community! And many thanks to the champion program 🙂 


Hello, thank you so much for the honor and for including me among this group of such talented marketers. I am really excited to meet and learn from you all!


I work with list building, enhanced segmentation of audiences, email automation, advanced reporting, and I've developed some really fun custom "hacks" within emails, including tokenization, smart fields, and dynamic response. I've made some wacky workflows paired often with Zapier integrations, used both for marketing and for advanced internal operations at our organization- which is super interesting to me, and not something I expected to be using Hubspot to accomplish. I'm so grateful for what Hubspot has enabled me to do and for the recognition of the great efficiency it's allowed me to achieve in my work.


I love a good challenge and am here to help. Please feel free to reach out any time!


Thanks again,

Emily Fox

Demand Generation Specialist @ Fattmerchant


Hello Other Hubspotters


I'm from Career FAQs we run a family of Australian Tertiary Course Comparison websites and use Hubspot to manage our relationships with our current and prospective Tertiary Partners.








I work at www.jadeworld.com


And we also use HubSpot


Hi there, 

I'm Ashley, a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist for an HR Technology company. We've been HubSpot for 3+ years. Joining this forum of Champion Users is very exciting; I'm interested in hearing how you all make the most out of HubSpot tools!


Excited to be part of the Champions, happy to share and exchange knowledge. 


Hi Champions!


I'm happy to be a part of this community!


I represent a Swedish start-up called Debricked. We help you solve the problems of vulnerabilities & compliance when using Open Source in commercial product development.  Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any questions <https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilolsson1/> or you can email me at <emil.olsson@debricked.com>

Looking forward to see who this awesome group is made up of Smiley Happy


Stay Safe!

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Hi everyone! Smiley Happy


My name's Alice and I'm a digital marketing specialist and strategist that lives in Guatemala and works with a remote agency in Chicago. I started in the marketing field by becoming a copywriter first and I've been working on Hubspot for about three years now. Look forward to talking to others in this community!


Checking in!  I'm Adam Stephens and work mainly with sales sequences and some marketing emails.  Happy to be a member of the group.


Hi fellow Champion users! 


Very happy to be part of this community and connect with likeminded individuals who love HubSpot as much as I do Heart


I've worked agency and in-house on multiple HubSpot projects implementing full flywheel. I also have particular expertise in complex integrations with other key business tools such as Salesforce. Based in Oxford, UK. 


Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here


Hello from Baltimore, MD! Congratulations to all on your accomplishment, and I’m honored to join you in the Champion User community.


I am the marketing manager for a B2B materials provider in the architecture, engineering, construction industry. My first order of business when I joined my company in 2017 was to implement the use of HubSpot Marketing software. We have a very long and untraditional buyers journey, and HubSpot has been invaluable in helping us nurture these leads and relationships.


I would love to connect with and be a resource for others who may be in a similar industry with an untraditional buyers journey! As marketers, we all understand the power of collaboration and asking the right questions, so I value and look forward to being a part of this community. 


Hello fellow champions!


I'm looking forward to sharing insights and can hopefully be a resource to all of you out there!




I'm so happy to be part of this community Smiley Happy


My name is Sanna and I work at Hyper Island in Stockholm. I've been working in HubSpot since 2014. It's amazing how much it has grown since then! 


I'm excited to learn from you and hopefully be of help as well.




Looking forward to share more with you guys!


have a nice day everyone


Hi All

Great to be part of this community. I’m Head of Marketing @ Pinpoint and work with a number of B2B revenue teams on a consultancy basis. 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Looking forward to learning and contributing where I can. 



Hello Everyone,


Thank you, Hubspot for giving me a champion title.


Some tools of Hubspot that I commonly use are Templates for Emails, Sequences and Tasks to make sure my day is efficient and well organized.


If there is a way we can start a thread on how the tools of Hubspot can be optimized to each industry, please do reach out and let's get PRODUCTIVE!!!



Hi all ! Thanks for the Champion badge!Happy to be part of the community. Looking forward to sharing knowledge with you!

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Stoked to represent from the Bay Area and the motorcycle community! Hit me up on LinkedIn here or check out my team's HubSpot Customer Success Story here. We're breaking sales and customer service records and was just ranked #4 in the country - all because of HubSpot and the team's hardwork! I'm always willing to help out but I'd love to connect with other people in automotive or powersports that are finding success!