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Need Help with Contact Sync in HubSpot

I'm experiencing issues with syncing my contacts in HubSpot and could really use some guidance. Despite following the recommended steps, I'm encountering problems where some contacts don't sync properly, or updates made in one platform aren't reflected in HubSpot. Here are some specifics of my setup and the issues I'm facing:

  1. Integration Details: I'm using [mention any third-party service or CRM if applicable].
  2. Sync Settings: I've configured the sync settings as per the HubSpot documentation, but certain fields aren't mapping correctly.
  3. Error Messages: Occasionally, I receive error messages or warnings during the sync process.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues with contact sync? What steps or troubleshooting methods did you find effective? Any tips on ensuring a seamless sync process would be greatly appreciated!

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Need Help with Contact Sync in HubSpot

Hey there @SMilad and welcome to the Community. 


Without knowing the system you're using, it may be difficult to know what's going wrong. 


Have you contacted the builder of the integration? (ie: Was it HubSpot or the third party? Did you contact Support?)


When you made the connection, did you check all of the properties in HubSpot were mapped correctly, and that it's set up to be a bi-directional sync? 


Also, did you do a historical data sync to make sure everything in the other system was pushed into HubSpot? 


In the other system, are you capturing emails? Because in HubSpot, the email address is the unique identifier that helps ensure data is passed, and no duplicates are created. So, that email is critical. 


Hope that helps some. Feel free to share more details, and possibly someone can help more. 


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Dan Moyle

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Need Help with Contact Sync in HubSpot

Hey @SMilad, thank you for posting in our Community!


Please double-check that all fields are correctly mapped between HubSpot and the third-party service. Mismatched fields can cause sync issues. Also, ensure that the data types for each field match between the two platforms (e.g., text fields should map to text fields).


To our top experts, @TomM2 and @danmoyle do you have any recommendations for @SMilad matter?


Thank you,


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