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Living and Learning HubSpot in Pittsburgh


Hi All!


I am Anna, and I am brand new to HubSpot!


I want to learn more about best practices as a new user on HubSpot, as a company we are focused on integrating our marketing team and sales team deeper, we are new to digital marketing and we want to track all in real-time. Any tips on a basic framework would be helpful, we will be posting a lot of questions! We help different industries so it is hard to automate some of our messaging and marketing materials. Hoping for some tips on that! 


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Guide | Platinum Partner
Guide | Platinum Partner

Living and Learning HubSpot in Pittsburgh

@ANiklasson Hi Anna! 

My name is Olivia 🙂 I worked as an implementation speciialist in HubSpot and now I work freelance helping companies such as yours get their  HubSpot's off the ground in the best and most scaleable way. 

This moment at the start is the most exciting, daunting and IMPORTANT parrt in your time with HubSpot. Getting the foundation correct is the key to having a streamlined system as you grow. 

At this time, I would recommend you focus on: 

1) Personas (define your perosna and map them out based on what data you will collect into HubSpot) 

2) Lifecycle stages (define your lifeycle stages. These are essential for a smooth handoff from sales to marketing and for targeting the right people with the right content at the right momnet of their buyer journey) 
3) Custom properties. Since you work with different industries, it will be essential for you to be able to segment your database into relevant cohorts. You should decide what inforamtion you would like to use to segment your leads AND what info you would need to qualify/disqualify them for sales. You can then create properties in HS. 

This is where I would start and always recommend my clients to start 🙂 

If you do need any additional help or advice you are more than welcome to reach out to me or book a time with me here https://meetings.hubspot.com/olivia-bagnall

Olivia Bagnall

Inbound Consultant and Project Manager


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Community Manager

Living and Learning HubSpot in Pittsburgh

Hi @ANiklasson 


Thank you for reaching out and Welcome to the Community and to HubSpot!! We hope you enjoy your experience with us.


I want to tag some of our experts here - @Olivia_Bagnall @Jnix284 @Josh any general advice to start things for @ANiklasson ? 


Thank you!



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