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Hi everyone

My name is Robert, writing a short post to introduce myself.

Working as part of a small organisation, we began our HubSpot journey last year and are now building capability using the platform. 

In my role as Head of Operations, I am looking to support both my own learning, understanding and team by leveraging knowledge and resources shared within the HubSpot community. It's great to see such positivity and proactivity. 

Appreciate everyone's warm welcome and I hope to contribute as we continue our HubSpot journey and learn from you all. 

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Administrador de la comunidad
Administrador de la comunidad


Hey @RKerrison, Welcome to the HubSpot Community! 


It's fantastic to have you here, and your enthusiasm for learning and sharing knowledge is truly inspiring. As Head of Operations, your dedication to supporting your team's growth and leveraging resources within the community speaks volumes about your commitment to excellence. We're excited to see your contributions and to learn from your experiences as you continue your HubSpot journey. 


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance along the way. 



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