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Hey everyone!


I’m Kailas. Excited to join this community.


I’m interested in learning how to refine security and be on top on security news, tech and IoT evolution; and to me it’s the place where everything connects. I look forward to learning from this talented group and contributing where I can.


I enjoy traveling (especially in sunny places 🙂 ), mind-games, puzzles and challenges, Sci-Fi & Thriller either in books or movies, and fascinated about tech evolution.


Looking forward to discover this space; it seems users are at the core of this ecosystem to the benefit of its community members.

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Community Manager

Hi @Kailasdx 


Welcome to the Community!


We are so happy to have you here.😀




¿Sabías que la Comunidad está disponible en Español?
¡Participa hoy en conversaciones en el idioma de tu preferencia,cambiando el idioma en tus configuraciones!

Did you know that the Community is available in other languages?
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Hello @sharonlicari 


Thanks for the reply, I always welcome every responses that I got.


Nice to meet you....Good Day !