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My name is Brett and i am an internal sales manager for Clevertouch UK/Sahara AV (part of the Boxlight Group) who distribute and manufacture Clevertouch Interactive screens and also distribute audio visual.

I have been using Hubspot for approx 12-18mths now but still feel we are not using it the fullest potential as some of the systems we use dont "talk" to it. 

Could really do with some tips on what are the best reports to run. We have a deals page and have a quotes page as well the normal contacts and companies pages but stil not sure what more we need to be doing to get the most out it. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Thanks as always for thinking of me @kvonloesecke 🙌


Welcome to community @BStallard! Great question. I'd start with the reports under Analytics Tools > Sales Analytics. There are a ton of reports there for coaching reps, forecasting, and more. I really like the calls and meetings reports, broken down by teams and reps. 


I'd also look at the "Measuring Business Success with Funnel Reports in HubSpot" and "Selling Smarter With Pipeline Reports" lessons in Academy. They're great resources for inspiration. 


From there, it depends on what you're asking and working to measure. Before building custom reports, I'd look through the ~150-200 standard reports in the reporting tool, and decide how to build a dashboard that tells my data story. 


Side note if you're interested. We put together an on-demand free course on this. You're welcome to sign up here: HubSpot Reporting Essentials 




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Hi @BStallard,


Thank you for this introduction! 

This is a great question about the reporting tool 🙂 


I would like to invite our subject matter experts to see if they have any recommendations.

Hi @AdamLPW@Josh@danmoyle@Dan1@Chriso-mwx - Do you have any tips for @BStallard?

Thank you!




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