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How to Use Hubspot to communicate with clients, corporations and partners more effectively

Hey all!


My name is Fabian and i'm a marketing manager at Orri UK. We're looking for ways we can use Hubspot to communicate with clients, corporations and partners more effectively. If you have any advice, it would be great to chat 👍

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How to Use Hubspot to communicate with clients, corporations and partners more effectively

Welcome to the HubSpot Community @FS9! In addition to what @Jnix284 offered, I'll leave a few thoughts. 


As you're learning HubSpot, I'd suggest taking a look at HubSpot Academy  courses like Fundamentals of Inbound for a top-level strategy view, and a course like Email Marketing for more tactical information & inspiration. 


Also, data integrity is critical. When you use HubSpot properties well, and understand the different HubSpot objects, you can use data to segment your database and give context to your team and to your contacts. 


On the context note, I would definitely use the HubSpot Persona tool and Persona property to help your team communicate with your ideal buyers. In fact, I'd add the Persona property to my forms, asking people to self-identify so you know who they are as they come into your CRM. 


After all that foundational work, I would look into conversion path and lead nurturing work. When you have interesting conversion paths, you'll generate leads. Then when you're using workflows for lead nurturing, you'll see better conversion all along your buyer's journey. 


Finally, as Jennifer mentioned, testing is critical. Use the HubSpot A/B testing in emails to find out what resonats with your contacts. That'll help your effectiveness for sure. 


All the best on your HubSpot adventures!


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How to Use Hubspot to communicate with clients, corporations and partners more effectively

Hi @FS9 this is a great question, I'm curious to see where the conversation goes! I looked at your website and think you have a very unique value proposition.


This really resonated with me: 

An orri has an opening that allows those in need of shelter to travel in and out as they wish, taking protection when needed and travelling onwards when they are ready.


You've very clearly explained your "origin story", the concept behind your brand, I think you need to figure out how to translate this idea into your content and messaging - how can you convey that you are there for your clients when they need you, that your programmes are truly unique, that you've created a safe space to exist where there's a clear way in and out.


The first way you can start doing this is to flip the script for your existing content. Change the messaging from "We" to "You" - put them at the center of the Orri and show them that's where they want to be.


I think one of the best ways you can figure out how to communicate with your clients, corporations, and partners more effectively would be to engage them in the conversation. What are they expecting to hear from you? How often? What type of content resonates with them most?


You can do this in a few ways in HubSpot:

  • use data and reporting to isolate your most popular content and communications. How did your contacts engage with this information? what actions did they take? can you update or refresh this content to re-engage or reach new contacts? conduct a feedback survey about a specific content piece, targeted at those who engaged with it.
  • identify the contacts in your CRM who fit your ideal buyer persona and examine their engagement closely. Is there any information about them that could help refine your buyer persona or buyer journey? what actions did they take that you want others to follow? conduct a focus group interview to gather additional insights.
  • test, test, test again. try something, if it worked - why? if it didn't - why not? make one small change and try again. repeat.


Keep us updated on your journey with HubSpot, happy to help if you have questions!


All the best,




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How to Use Hubspot to communicate with clients, corporations and partners more effectively

Hi @FS9,


Welcome to the Community! 


This is a fantastic question 🙂

I'm looking forward to hear what the others have to say! 


I would like to add our experts to this conversation to see if they have any advice.

Hey @danmoyle@Jnix284@Mike_Eastwood@Olivia_Bagnall@NicoleSengers@Anton - Do you have any tips or hacks to share with @FS9?

Thank you!




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