Hello everyone


Hi my name is Johanna Dueñas, Im from Colombia, located in Bogota. Im co founder of acanof. We are focused on helping companies grow throw growth hacking and design thinking tools fusion to get insights and better strategies to accelerate growth.

We really want to improve our marketing strategies and get new clients and old ones to love us and keep them coming back for more!!

I love pie lemon so much and running!!

Very happy to be here!!



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Hola @JohaDuenas 


Welcome to the Community! We are happy to have you here!


I'd invite you to introduce yourself to our Spanish Community here. If you would like to meet our Spanish experts you can change your language by clicking on the "Language" bottom on the top-left and choosing Spanish as your language! 🙂


PS: I also love lemon pie! 😍


Thank you


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