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Easy onboarding

From syncing contacts to the flow of the deal page -- as I am getting accustomed to using all the tools in concert, it is all coming together ! 


I have used other CRMs in my past lives where snippets or even playbooks were difficult to implement. Hubspot really simplifies I am not bogged down or wasting time figuring out where to file something or how to create and save content. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Easy onboarding

Hi @DBrown79,


Welcome to the Community and HubSpot!


We're so happy to hear that your onboarding process is going well 😄 


If you have any Sales Hub related-questions or queries on best practices, please don't hesitate to create a post on the Sales Hub Board. Our community members and Community managers will be happy to chat about the product and brainstorm! 


Thank you for the kind review and we'll be sure to pass it along to the onboarding team! 




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