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An AI marketing app for HubSpot

Hello, I'm Prasad, a Carnegie Mellon AI PhD. With two other CMU alums, we've developed a new AI-driven adaptive lead scoring solution. I've come here to learn more about how marketing/sales teams are using HubSpot today and how our app can help them.

Our tool learns from your Hubspot customer data and tells you in advance how likely a lead is to convert, it can also evaluate all your existing campaigns to help you easily identify what's effective vs. what isn't. And it eliminates the need to set up complex scoring rules.


If anyone is interested in taking it for a spin, please email pchalasani@xaipient.com You should be using Hubspot for at least a year for your marketing+sales and have at least 1000 contacts (otherwise our AI dragon won't have enough data to work with!).

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An AI marketing app for HubSpot

Thank you for sharing @PChalasani and welcome to the community!

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