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Ads (Scale Like a Pro) Webinar

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Due to some issues with recording this session, so we do not have an on-demand version available. However, there are some great resources below to help you craft your advertising plan.


So what can you expect to get from HubSpot Ads with HubSpot Marketing Pro?


Thanks to the power of HubSpot, you will be able to identify how your ad leads progress and convert, compared to your other lead sources. You can retarget your audiences using your analytic properties and active list functionality. With a few clicks, you can compare results from your different platforms within the same report, helping you identify which is performing and driving the best results for each of your ad types. You can even create events that will sync your CRM lifecycle stage changes to your ad accounts to optimize the delivery of your ads across your networks.


During this chapter of the Scale Like a Pro series,, learn how our Professional tools create a clearer view on how your ad campaigns are performing and the quality of the leads.


Most Valuable For: Marketing Pro+