Virtual HUG Followup: Running Successful Campaigns in 2020 [Denver]

Inbound Professor

On March 10th 2020, Jorie Munroe (Inbound Professor on Marketing Hub) and Anni Kim (Inbound Professor on Workflows & Integrations) gave a virtual presentation to the Denver HUG on what makes a campaign successful in the year 2020. 


Thank you to the Denver HUG Leaders, Jenay Sellers at GigSmart and Marc Herschberger at Revenue River, for hosting!



Presentation Slides

Bonus: Data Cleanliness Workshop Slides and Worksheet



Please feel free to use this thread for anything that could've happened if we gave an in-person presentation-- ask questions, network (I know a handful of you called out that you were facing similar setbacks in your business due to travel restrictions), and share your thoughts.


The comments section is our party, so go for it!




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Thanks for a great session, team! 

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Thanks for the great session! Had some great takeaways. It was fun to attend another city's HUG!