Virtual HUG Followup: Attribution Reporting in HubSpot [London - March 11]

HubSpot Employee

On March 11, 2020, I presented to the London HUG about getting started with attribution reporting. 




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Have questions, comments, or feedback about attribution or anything else? Leave them below. Imagine we're schmoozing over a pint and some delicious apps. The comments section is our afterparty; schmooze away!


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HubSpot Employee
  • How can you manage first touch when you work on an ABM/ABS model where most of your prospects are known and already loaded in the CRM?
    • Good question. We've been thinking a lot about this - in a recent update, we made it possible to run attribution by campaign, which will enable us in the future to attribute based on list membership (i.e. import). This won't completely solve the question of offline attribution, but it's a start. cc @ethankopit 


  • Does this also work for Pipeline attribution? We have looooong sales cycles and it would be useful to be able to attribute pipeline, rather than find out 2 years later what the contributing marketing activities are.
    • No. Today, it's only for closed revenue. But I 100% hear you - we at HubSpot have a long sales cycle too, so closed revenue attribution doesn't paint a clear picture. Nothing to offer yet, in terms of pipeline attribution, but it's on our mind. cc @dmastin 


  • Is there a standard property for company scoring then?
    • Company scoring is currently in beta. If you're interested in trying it out, shoot me an email. Once in the beta, you'll be able to create a property with "score" type (as opposed to text, dropdown, etc.). There's no company scoring default proprety.


  • Do you need a subscription for Canva?
    • Yes, but keep in mind that Canva starts free!


  • Is subfolders in documents coming? Want a folder per customer then their docs stored underneath in an organised manner.
    • Nothing to promise at this time. Will surface this to the product team in charge of sales content.