Virtual HUG 2020 Followup: Building a Lead Generation Chatbot [Boston]

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On 17 March 2020, Adi Shah (Technical Partner Professor on HubSpot Academy) gave a virtual presentation to the Boston HUG about getting started with building a lead generation chatbot. 


Your Next Steps (for attendees):


Take Academy's Chatbot Lesson


Resources from the session:



(Around 3:00, I say "content strategy," but I meant to say "conversational strategy")




Bonus: Workbook from the workshop we had planned to lead when this was still scheduled to be an in-person event! This presumes you’re sitting next to someone for a few of these activities. For instance, it requires you and your neighbor to built simple chatbots separately, and then swap chatbots and test them. Perhaps we’ll still get to have a virtual session like this in the future? It has clean summaries of what we discussed too.

Additional Resources to subscribe to:



To answer an outstanding question from our workshop:


Will HubSpot chatbots recognize repeat visitors via cookie tracking?


Pretty decent explanation provided here:

Do let us know if that helps in the comments!


Finally, please feel free to ask any outstanding questions or give feedback below! 

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