March Virtual HUG Events

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We’re excited to bring you an amazing line-up of Virtual HUGs - sponsored by some of our largest HUG cities - featuring a diverse set of content taught by our most experienced HubSpot Academy Professors and product experts.

We know that community and conversation are some of the main reasons you love HUGs - it’s one of the reasons we love them too! 

To help you foster connections and have more meaningful conversations, all of our Virtual Events will feature Q&A time at the end. Following each event, we’ll be posting resources to the HubSpot community, where our presenters, local HUG leaders, and other users can come together to talk about what they learned. 


Let us know in the comments down below which one you're most looking forward to! 

Check-out our line-up of content below, and feel free to share with your colleagues and friends:


What Do Campaigns in 2020 Look Like?

Watch the Recording

With so many different tactics and tools out there to help you effectively market and sell to your audience, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when putting together your next campaign idea. In this virtual event, Academy Professors Jorie Monroe and Anni Kim show you best practices for campaigns in the year 2020!

Attribution Reporting: How Successful Companies Measure ROI from Marketing

Watch the Recording

With attribution, you can tie all your marketing interactions to revenue, so you can make better strategic decisions and show the value of your work to the rest of your company. Product expert, Ari Plaut, will show you how it works in HubSpot.  


Customer Success: The New Way to Win at Business 

Watch the Recording

Inbound in today’s world revolves around your customer. How do you delight them as well as turn them into your best marketers to continue to spin your flywheel? In this virtual HubSpot User Group Meetup, HubSpot Academy Manager, Courtney Sembler will cover key strategies and tactics to turn your business into a flywheel using HubSpot tools and industry best practices.

Best Practices for Building a Lead Generation Chatbot 

Watch the Recording

In this virtual HubSpot User Group Meetup, HubSpot Academy Professor, Adi Shah will cover key strategies and tactics to help you build your first (or a better!) lead generation bot.  

How to Improve the Customer Experience with Journey Mapping + Service Hub

Register 3/26 - 10AM EST

A Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of the stages or milestones a customer goes through with your company. Using this tool along with HubSpot's Service Hub can be a powerful way to better understand your customer and deliver value. In this Virtual HUG HubSpot Academy Professor Adriti Gulati will show you to get started with your own mapping.

Content Personalization in HubSpot 

Register 3/30 - 3PM EST

Today's consumers expect more from websites than ever before. Personalizing the experience that visitors have on your website can help you stand out from the competition. In this virtual HubSpot User Group Meetup, HubSpot Academy Professor, Rachel Sheldon will teach you how to successfully implement personalization on your website using HubSpot's smart content.  


After your Virtual HUG - be sure to come back to the community for slides, recordings, and ongoing discussions. 


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