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I everyone,

Im Sevana and I have a qusetion. How can I get more views and engagement on my YouTube videos, especially when it comes to digital marketing?

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Youtube Marketing

Hi, Sevana!


Let's break these videos up into two categories: those that have been filmed and are already uploaded, and those that will be filmed going forward.


The ones already online

Four big things you can do for these, in no particular order:

  1. Review the thumbnail, and update as needed. If a video is a book, then the thumbnail is the cover. While people are always told not to judge a book by it's cover, almost everyone does judge a video by its thumbnail. Does it look interesting? Is it clear what it's about? At the end of the day, does it make someone WANT to click it to watch? Here's a great video that goes deep into what makes a good thumbnail. 
  2. Take a look at your video title, and adjust as needed. The video title is exactly like a book title. It needs to accurately describe what the video is about, so the viewer has a good idea what they're in for when they click "PLAY." Use keyword research tools to work in 1-2 important phases from an SEO standpoint. However, don't change this often... while YouTube doesn't provide details on how their algorithm works, it's believed that changing the title at all (even a punctuation change) can effect the video's SEO momentum. Google Trends is a solid -- free! -- tool for seeing what keywords and phrases are resonating with people searching online, and is a great place to start.
  3. Analyze & improve your meta data. By this, I mean all the back end information that YouTube asks for when you upload a video. For some reason, over the years YouTube has started hiding some of these fields away when you're uploading, I suppose to streamline the posting process. This isn't good for making sure the video's SEO is in top shape. The two most important things are the tags and the video description. Our friends at HubSpot have a great article on the how and why behind tags. 
  4. Share regularly! This is a big one. Many people will upload a video, then wait. "Build it and they will come" does not apply to video, trust me. Doing this is the equivalant of opening a brand new store, flipping the sign on the door to "OPEN" then waiting with a smile on your face and hands on your hips for people to come running in. You'll need to get the word out there, and there are many ways to do that. The most common is to post it across your social networks, where you know your audience hangs out. However, don't just post it and ask them to watch. Give them a reason. What's in it for them? Can they learn something? Does the video solve a problem they're having? Dangle carrot for them to watch, and it will increase your views.

But don't stop there! Share the video again every once in a while. On X (I can't beleive I just typed that... formally Twitter), things move quickly so you can get away with posting it once a week, depending on how often you're posting and engaging on that platform. For others like Facebook and LinkedIn, less frequent like once a month and once a quarter, respectively, might be better for those audiences. If you have an email list, get the video out that way. Bonus tip: use the word "Video" in the subject line... it's been shown to increase open rates!


The ones that haven't been filmed yet

When coming up with the concept for the video, spend the time researching what your audience wants, or what problem they are having that you can solve. If you're a B2C, what is the thing you do to make your customers lives easier? If you're a B2B, what challnege are you solving? If it's just personal content like vlogs, etc, then your viewers might be bored or want some escapism, and you're there to provide it. Think about the problem your audience has, and work backwards from there.


Taking the time to do the prep work pays off in the end, as the video will resonate with more people.


Once the video is made (I could write a book on the production process, so we'll skip that for now), take all the steps outlined above on the video at the time of upload, in order to set the video up for success from the start.


I hope this helps you, Sevana! i know it's a lot of information. Just eat that giant pizza one slice at a time and you'll get there. 🍕


Youtube Marketing

Hi Sevena,

I think as a digital marketer, you probably know that you have to do what's trending now a days in order to grow more. Right?

If you ask me, AI is trending a lot these days so maybe you can use AI subtitle generator tool like this to reach a wider audience.

I think that would help you a lot 🙂



Community Manager
Community Manager

Youtube Marketing

Hi @SevanaHart,

Excited to read your post, thank you!

I'd like to share these resources that might be useful:

YouTube Marketing
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Let's see what our top experts on the subject think:
Hi @Josh@gabriel-nextiny and @Franci: do you have tips to help @SevanaHart, please?

Also, if anybody else has anything to add and/or share, please feel free to join in the conversation 🙂

Thank you very much 🌟 and have a great day!


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