Video HUG - ACTIVITY: Producing Video Series and Podcasts for Brand Affinity Marketing

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Activity (Time: 5 minutes)

Create and share your show mission statement using this structure:


We connect with people who [Audience], but [Insight], by [Theme].


Audience: A group of people who identify as part of a subculture or niche.

Insight: Emotional tension between desire and outcome for your target audience.

Theme: A proposition which promotes a resolution to the insight.


Example for our video/podcast series "Coffee Talks": 

We connect with people who [are interested in learning more about inbound marketing], but [they are tired of trying to figure it all out by themselves], by [showcasing our team members sharing their experience in a fun conversational way].


We will provide feedback and answer your questions below.

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We connect with people who are worried about managing legionella bacteria, but who can't stand the fear of test results, by showing them that our technology exists and is automated.

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This is perfect, connecting anyone with a bottlebeck or fear of something that can help them through a situation. Great example and thank you for sharing!


We connect with people who use office equipment and solutions in their workplace, but who are looking for ways to advance their technology and effeciency by sharing industry updates and tools available that they may not be aware of.

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Thanks for participating! Have you started recording any of your ideas yet or are you still in pre-production phase? Would love to learn more!