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zapier assigning meeting owner same as the calendly owner

Hey community - need some help: 

Background - we use Calendly to book all of our meetings & have an integration with Zapier that will create/update a contact anytime a new meeting is booked + is will also create an engagement of "meeting". 


What I want to be able to do is have meeting engagement type "assign to"  be the same as the Calendly "Event assigned to name", so that i can create a hubspot workflow that says "assign deal owner to the engagement type assigned to owner"


Any help would be appreciated! 


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zapier assigning meeting owner same as the calendly owner

Hi! Is the "organizer" of the Calendly event the person that you want to assign as the Deal owner in Hubspot? If so, that should be pretty straightforward. If it's one of the guests in the Calendly event, that will be a bit trickier. You can definitely do it in Zapier, but if you're open to using another tool, I work on (an alternative to Zapier) and we have an easy template for this here: Also happy to provide some personal support to help you set it up!