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signed up for a new account for local backlinks...

Hubspot then immediately crashed my site, using over 4GB of ram with their crawlers. Will deleting my Hubspot account prevent the bots from crawling in the future? Will they crawl continually? Or is it done once and that's it?


They were crawling 20+ images per second, I have an image heavy site with over 13k images uploaded, though much less are live. Moved from west coast to east coast and have been fighting google to get them to provide a solution as to why I'm not showing for the local service based business in the new location, and only showing in the old location, despite having exclusively the new location in my business maps listing. Basically they said the google bots aren't convinced I'm at the east coast location, which is obviously a cop out on their end but whatever, that's a whole different problem. I figured renamed image files and doing local backlinks might help with this organically.... but Hubspot crawlers just crash everything.


So.... will deleting Hubspot account stop the bombardment of crawlers?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

signed up for a new account for local backlinks...

Hi @meme123


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

Just to confirm, you'd like HubSpot to stop tracking your website? I'd recommend removing the tracking code from your website, you can find more information in this help article. If you're using the Wordpress plugin, uninstalling the plugin will do the trick. Thank you!

I hope this helps!


Mia, Community Team

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