"Does HubSpot support [this tool]?": A primer

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This question gets asked a lot, in a lot of different forms, and it's understandable. There's a lot of stuff capable of talking to HubSpot. With an abundance of options, where should you go for help? 


How can I see everything that could possibly integrate with HubSpot? 

While this information has always lived in-app, the look and feel has changed over time. This should always be somewhere within the Integrations interface in the Marketing product. Currently, the URL is:



Two picklists appear at the top of the page: Category (classifying the general functionality), and Supported By (suggesting where to turn for support).

So what do those values mean? 

Supported By: HubSpot - This is a formally-supported integration. Help docs and/or user guides exist. You can absolutely reach out to HubSpot Support first, although if the issue is unable to be resolved on the HubSpot side, it's possible to be redirected to the third party responsible for the integration. Most of the time, HubSpot Support will be able to resolve issues with these integrations.

Supported By: Connect Partners - These are integrations which are not formally supported by HubSpot. While other organizations may be partnered with HubSpot to ensure their integration is displayed in-app, HubSpot Support is not responsible for providing technical support for issues using these tools.

With these integrations, help documentation may exist on help.hubspot.com, but it's not guaranteed. HubSpot Support will absolutely give your issue their best shot. Without the exposure and tooling available to help troubleshoot these unsupported integrations, expect to be directed to the third party for assistance. You may want to try the third party as a first line of attack, as a result. 

But I use Zapier, and the integration I want isn't there, or the functionality I need with some Zapier-supported tool isn't there - Zapier is an all-purpose integrator. Think of it as an API aggregator. You select some starting app, and some ending app. From a menu of preselected choices (defined on an app-by-app basis), some triggered action will sync from the starting to the ending app.

HubSpot doesn't offer any control over customizing actions within Zapier - either to the HubSpot app, or with the other apps available to sync to/from HubSpot via Zapier. You should reach out to Zapier support first, in general. 

Okay, but none of those options apply to me: If it's not formally supported by HubSpot, and it's not listed among HubSpot Connect Partners, you have two options: Zapier, and your own custom development work. 

If you're not code-minded, there are other Zapier-like tools which offer more customization. A tool like Azuqua gives you the plug-and-play feel of Zapier, but with administrator-like flexibility in customizing whatever triggers automation. Please note that any tools like this are completely independent of your HubSpot subscription. 

All of that's great, but I want HubSpot to integrate with... - There's always the ideas board to leave suggestions. That's the most visible way to get your suggested improvements in front of the eyes of HubSpot product management. Communicating a suggestion via a support agent or customer success manager is not nearly as visible as simply posting to the ideas board. 


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