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populating a deal source from workflow campaigns

Can I take a deal related to a workflow goal and popuate the source?


So basically


Contact added to the workflow

the deal has been created and the goal met


I can't find the individual deal to populate - workflows tend to just populate all deals assocted to the contact.


Thanks in advance!!

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Guide | Platinum Partner
Guide | Platinum Partner

populating a deal source from workflow campaigns

Thanks @TiphaineCuisset  that you keep tagging me and getting me into this topic.


Hey @deanrenshaw


I'm not entirely sure if I follow. Is the deal record created manually or automatically by using a workflow and the Create Record function?


What do you mean by source? Do you mean the property Original Source or the relationship between the two objects?


It helps a lot if you give more context and insight so the community can help you figure out how to help.




Community Manager
Community Manager

populating a deal source from workflow campaigns

Hi @deanrenshaw 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this @LMeert @Chriso-mwx @Bryantworks @jforte do you know what is possible here? 


Thank you!



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