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notifications to non HubSpot user

Hi, trying to workout, how to send form notifications to non HubSpot user, is it possiple. Thank you for your help.

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notifications to non HubSpot user

Hi @BGeorge8,


This was once possible, but the option has been removed. The main reason for this is that it would otherwise be relatively easy to siphon information from your CRM. It's a security risk and wouldn't make sense to keep this option when in other places measures like two-factor authentication are enforced.


In other words, a recipient of form submissions must be a user.


The only workaround to this would require a Marketing Hub Professional subscription. In contact-based workflows, you can send internal marketing emails and specify recipients that don't have to be users.


In this case, you would create your form submission notification from scratch in the marketing email editor.


Generally it's easier to just invite the contacts as users.


Best regards!

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notifications to non HubSpot user

No - They have to be in Hubspot to get form notifications via that setting. You could create a workflow to send notifications to an email address I believe.  But to be honest they don't need to be using Hubspot, you just need to add the address into your instance and create a user account and you should be able to send them notifications at that point if you prefer.