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newsletter (un)subscriber syncing with magento2

Hey there,
we are about to use HubSpot and sync it with our magento2 shop system (>2.4).
We installed the "eyemagine hubspot" magento2 extension to sync systems. Connection is established and all is far.

We do collect newsletter subscribers on our website (magento2) and need to sync them to hubspot, to create and send newsletters from HubSpot.
Furthermore we need also to send the subscriber_id and the subscriber_confirm_code (which are generated in magento2) to HubSpot, so that we can build the "unsubscribe" link in the HubSpot newsletter template.

How do we sync newsletter subscribers (and unsubscribers) with HubSpot..does anyone know or can give a hint? And how do we send subscriber_id and subscriber_confirm_code to HubSpot to use them in our newsletter templating?

Thanks and best regards!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

newsletter (un)subscriber syncing with magento2

Hello @SebastianMunich, thank you for posting in our Community!

I want to add our top experts to share their thoughts, @06845 @CamillaTrigwell any recommendations to @SebastianMunich?


Thank you,


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