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DKlopper on December 05, 2023
We have in-depth instructions for our CSMs to follow when onboarding a new client in Notion. Onboarding a new client usually takes a month, and throughout that time we would like to be able to automate as much as possible on Hubspot so that 1 read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
December 05, 2023 10:27
Hi @DKlopper , Considering your needs, wondering if your team can consider utilizing task queue ? When you create a task queue, HubSpot will more
SMacKenzie1 on November 28, 2023
Hi My client is asking me if she should create a customer portal for each client. I thought there was only ONE customer portal. Can you please enlighten me? thanks
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
November 28, 2023 17:09
Hello, @SMacKenzie1 thank you for posting in our Community! I want to share our knowledge base with more information about how to set up a more
CDuarte78 on November 24, 2023
Good afternoon, I have setup a Customer Portal for my customers as i am trying to move from Jira Service to HS Service, and i can see the tickets listing and the ticket detail page but i cn see (or create) a create ticket page. When i click "Edi read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
November 28, 2023 06:14
Hi @DianaGomez Thank you so much for your reply, that is exactly what i was hoping to get, let me have a look at the link you sent and I will more
Colombo on November 21, 2023
Hey HubSpot Community, We are considering buildling out the Customer Portal in the Service Hub, but are concerned the portal does not have MFA. Any thoughts on if and when Hubspot will be adding MFA to the customer portal? Happy Thanksgiving read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor | Gold Partner
November 21, 2023 17:18
Yes, I agree, 2FA is a minimum requirement these days. @dennisedson do you know who I can pester about 2FA for Membership Sites? Thank more
LBeeson on November 13, 2023
Hi, we're running a workflow that updates information on a contacts record when a meeting has been booked using the Hubspot calendar link. This is working for the majority of users, bar 1. I have run a number of tests and checked the user settings, read more
0 upvote
7 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
November 14, 2023 04:04
Hi @LBeeson , Do you mind recreating your workflow with the classic triggers? (Delete all existing triggers, re-add them following the more
JFREKING on November 09, 2023
Hi! I have a sales chatbot in place, and I need to be able to assign contacts that come in thru the chatbot to two different team members based on their US state location. Additionally, if one of these two users are out, then all chats need to read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor | Elite Partner
November 09, 2023 13:08
Hi @JFREKING , you can use a branch (when creating a new action) in the Chatflow and filter according to the country and agent availability - more
bujo999 on November 09, 2023
Is there a way to change colour opacity on the chat bot icon word press plugin for both desktop and mobile?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
November 09, 2023 07:39
First - the wordpress plugin does not actually create or control anything. It embeds the hubspot tracking code on your wordpress site and gives you more
PCarlson9 on November 07, 2023
Use Case: A service rep needs help researching or resolving a ticket. They need the ability to notify/reassign(?) the ticket, but continue to track and have the ticker passed back with updates. The first level is to use the 'Owner' field, but wh read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
November 07, 2023 09:13
Hi @PCarlson9 , A notification can be achieved by simply mentioning (type @ followed by the user name) in a note on the record. Users more
EAndersson9 on November 07, 2023
Hi, I would like to be able to calculate time spent in a specific stage. This is available for deals but not for tickets. Does anyone know how to do this? The ticket can jump between stages. In this case I would like to know the time spen read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
November 08, 2023 03:25
Hi @EAndersson9 , We are delighted to see you posting in the Community, thanks! For the moment, you are right, this option is not available. more
JMastoloni on November 03, 2023
Can anyone tell me why I am getting multiple notifications from the same email? Hubspot keeps notifing me that my recipient had opened the email that I sent him. This may happen 4 or 5 times for each individual email. Does this mean that the person read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
November 06, 2023 08:27
I did not see anything that would solve my problem. I am receiving multiple open confirmations from certain emails that I sent. This is not more
Marisa12 on October 17, 2023
Hi, At INBOUND, a speaker mentioned having two knowledge bases: 1 for sales and one for customers. Does anyone have this? Can you send me examples? How is it working? Is it hosted on HubSpot? Thanks!
1 upvote
2 Replies
Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
October 18, 2023 22:05
Hi @Marisa12 are you asking whether HubSpot has two knowledge bases (one for sales and one for customers) or whether it's possible to configure more
NiklasKling on October 11, 2023
Hi, I work within sales and we have trouble integration our consulting business into Hubspot. Is there any way or best practice for a service order process in Hubspot? We have to maty systems och platforms for our Corse business and this seem read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Partner
October 12, 2023 09:40
Hey @NiklasKling to report on anything in HubSpot, the data needs to be stored in HubSpot. Either manually, or fed from somewhere. Have you more
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