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synester_black on Juni 13, 2024
I am trying to add an external redirection URL to my meeting scheduler that is already embedded into my wordpress site. I want to add an external redirection url when the meeting is booked so can redirect into that which is another wordpress landing Beitrag ansehen
Juni 13, 2024 07:49
it was there on my advanced settings
RGoldstein1 on Mai 21, 2024
I have automations now starting with Gravity Forms to initiate Deals and Tasks. But one thing that would be really great is if we can send data via some 3rd part form, and UPDATE a specific field for an existing company, perhaps using the domain nam Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Accepted Solution
Mai 22, 2024 10:29
Hi @RGoldstein1 , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Just to confirm, do you want to be able to add an external form to HubSpot to...Beitrag ansehen
Peter__Jones on Mai 04, 2024
Hello HubSpot Hive Mind, I am looking for a way to connect a customer service team via a phone system, to HubSpot. They use RingCentral currently, independently of HubSpot, and while there is an integration available, reviews are worrying and we Beitrag ansehen
Accepted Solution
Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Mai 07, 2024 08:54
Hey there @Peter__Jones . Great questions. I don't a 1-for-1 answer for each question, but when I looked into some of the reporting in HubSpot, I do...Beitrag ansehen
nickyFbaby on Oktober 09, 2023
ie. can I make the orderform for my company's services the same form that submits a ticket? The current jotform orderform that we use is a complex form with a lot of conditional logic (separately, the form submissions populate a google sheet an Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Oktober 22, 2023 18:59
Hi Tom, Thank you very much. This is taking shape in my mind a lot better now. That's all for now. Thanks, Byron
pjungaker on Juli 24, 2023
NEW EBOOK A free guide for Marketing , Sales & Customer Service . Learn new ways to attract, delight, and engage customers with the planet’s most popular messaging app. How many customer conversations are you having on Beitrag ansehen
Stratege/Strategin | Elite Partner
Juli 25, 2023 09:53
SVerma8 on März 01, 2023
Hello, I did Hubspot Jira Integration and that is working fine. One issue that I am facing is syncing the Ticket priority from Jira to Huspot and from Hubspot to Jira. In Hubspot Priority field, we have only status Low, Medium & High. No Beitrag ansehen
März 02, 2023 16:22
I think Jira Issue is known with re-enrolment should trigger it every time non?
STrudeau on Februar 08, 2023
Hubspot chat is only 2 ways (at the moment at least), do you know any integrations that would allow to have more than 2 people within the same chat conversation? I know Twillio and Zendesk Sunshine can do it but there's no integration with Hubspot. Beitrag ansehen
Accepted Solution
Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Februar 09, 2023 16:29
@STrudeau so interesting! Thanks for the tag @kvlschaefer . Like @Jnix284 I started in the home space back in the beginning of my marketing - at...Beitrag ansehen
drafeedie on Januar 19, 2023
We'd like to offer customers the ability to text message us for routine customer service, but want this pulled into service tickets just as an email inquiry. In addition, we'd love to incorporate some functionality into our VOIP / Phone service Beitrag ansehen
Accepted Solution
Autorität | Diamond Partner
Januar 19, 2023 12:44
@drafeedie I am a big fan of Kixie personally, it's a great all in one provider for both calling and texting and has the functionality mentioned a...Beitrag ansehen
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