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Shanmac0803 en May 26, 2023
HI Is there a software uptate to allow drag and drop attachments into a deal/ company/ contacts. I really do not wish to save my files then upload. Drag and drop is easier and does not take up space. Please implement! 🙂
1 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Experto reconocido | Partner nivel Platinum
May 26, 2023 08:43
Hey @Shanmac0803 , thanks for reaching out! As far as I know, the only area where you're able to drag and drop images and files for upload is ...Leer más
AOgbe en May 24, 2023
My boss wants to see a forecast of our future revenue, but the problem is our business is not subscription based. The amount changes from month to month and it is difficult to determine what the next month's revenue will look like. He is not satisfi Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Colaborador líder | Partner nivel Elite
May 24, 2023 15:53
@AOgbe - How are you capturing the payment amount and date in your HubSpot portal? Have you considered building out a dataset to enable your reven...Leer más
Shanmac0803 en May 22, 2023
Hello! we sell construction equipment and take trades. At times we get requests for equipment that we do not have but may get in on trade in the future. So I need a way to keep those listed and in front of us. Any suggested that could be used. We ha Leer más
1 Me gusta
4 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro | Partner nivel Diamond
May 22, 2023 13:00
Hi! How do you currently sell construction equipment through hubspot? Do you use deals and if so do you use an external software for mainting you...Leer más
SAllen23 en May 11, 2023
Just set up a CS Renewals Pipeline which enrols sales deals based on certain critera. In the CS deals I want to set a new renewal date property which is calculated 365days from the contract start date of the original deal. I can only seem to cop Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
May 12, 2023 00:22
Hi @SAllen23 , This would require an Operations Hub Professional subscription – it's not possible within the other hubs. In Operations H...Leer más
jamieroyce-mc en May 10, 2023
I know its not a good idea to use Hubspot forms for this, but is there any simple way to just have a popup modal or slideout card that prompts a Hubspot user to fill out data? When a Deal reaches a certain stage, I want to create a Task that al Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
May 11, 2023 00:19
Hi @jamieroyce-mc , @jamieroyce-mc wrote: When a Deal reaches a certain stage, I want to create a Task that alerts a Hubspot user to upda...Leer más
JRobertshaw7 en Abril 27, 2023
Hi All, We are creating a protected page that can only be accessed by members of a list, Our users need to be verified to be on the list which we have made last for 3 months. However if this user trys to access the protected page from a different Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Colaborador líder | Partner
Abril 28, 2023 08:50
Hey @JRobertshaw7 "behavioural events" are generally stored in the "timeline" in HubSpot contact records. The best api to use to import these would...Leer más
JDeWolf en Abril 17, 2023
Hey all - I'm coming from Salesforce CPQ where we always had the functionality to tag a quote as primary. I can't figure out how to do this. The use case: We need to report on line items for our pipeline but in the case a Deal has multiple quot Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
May 16, 2023 15:27
This is another must-have feature that is missing. Sometimes deals run several months and multiple variations. When we run a report to see which quot...Leer más
JKoban en Abril 14, 2023
Hello, My organization is looking to further tie Hubspot into our workflows by creating an automation that will create a Jira ticket. We are trying to streamline the handoff process between the sales team (handling purchase details) and the sup Leer más
Accepted Solution
Colaborador líder | Partner nivel Elite
Abril 14, 2023 14:59
Hey @JKoban hmm that's strange, are you creating a ticket-based workflow?
AOgbe en Abril 14, 2023
Hello, I want my team members to create a deal, but only the manager should be able to add the deal amount and have access to see it (He is not a super admin). I tried users and teams in setting but i couldnt filter the access on the deal the accomp Leer más
0 Me gusta
3 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Abril 14, 2023 09:53
Hi @AOgbe , Record access permissions can be nuanced: ...Leer más
JStamm en Abril 13, 2023
How is everybody managing their Hubspot instance when there is a change in personnel that requires updates? For example, when a person leaves a company, any smart modules within emails that are specific to that user need to be updated, any workflows Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Abril 14, 2023 00:26
Hi @JStamm , Right now, the best solution is a good documentation. Whatever internal tool you're using for documentation, start adding all ass...Leer más
AOgbe en Abril 12, 2023
Good day community. Is there a solution as to when a company owner is changed or unassigned, the associated contacts are also changed to match the company? It's been a hassle reassigning contacts that have a different owner to a company. I am aware Leer más
0 Me gusta
3 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Abril 12, 2023 10:34
Hi @AOgbe , This workflow should do the trick. Make sure to toggle re-enrollment option in the right sidebar. Best regards!
LYTsang en Marzo 24, 2023
Hi All, I just recently signed up for an external platform that imports my call with the call disposition in the Call Title. It doesn't seem like I can add the Call Title to the Call summary under the Activity section of the Contact. Is there a wor Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Administrador de la comunidad
Marzo 24, 2023 11:12
Hello @LYTsang Happy Friday! Thank you for posting in our Community! At the moment it is not possible to have a workflow action that can updat...Leer más
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