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Mike_Eastwood on May 11, 2024
How many Super Admins is too many? One of the common issues we see, when auditing HubSpot Portals, is WAY too many Super Admins. This is a risk for security, privacy and data hygiene (how many people just create Custom Properties whenever t read more
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 13, 2024 05:45
Mike, this makes so much sense! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your logic with everyone. This is a topic that is asked about more
jforte on April 23, 2024
HubSpot Users Rejoice! Auto-Translate SDR Notes & Conquer the Language Barrier! Ever wished your HubSpot could speak Esperanto? Struggling with handoffs because your SDRs are rockstars in a different language? You're not alone! This highly read more
Top Contributor
April 24, 2024 05:34
I asked for Kudos and you showed how to do it @PamCotton ahaha thanks for the kind words ❤️
TV5 on April 05, 2024
Hello! I have five businesses, each with its own Xero account. I now want to set up my HubSpot account with 5 business units. The issue is that I want to set up Xero integration for each of the 5 business units so that I can tell which Xero acc read more
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
April 09, 2024 11:46
Hey @TV5 when you are working with BU each BU get to have their own integrations. You can connect different Xero accounts independently. more
Hildegaard on March 15, 2024
Regulary we have colleagues joining and leaving our company and the ones that leaves usally own various obejcts (Tasks, Deals, Contacts, Companies etc). I want to remove them from the HubSpot account. All the open obejcts are handed over to their re read more
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
March 20, 2024 11:45
Hey @Hildegaard so this is a very good (and frequent question) In general the best suggestion is to deactivate the user as soon as it leave more
SBanthia on February 09, 2024
Sales team has activities with different deal pipelines: 1. New lead closure 2. Cross-selling - different info captured vs. new lead closure deals 3. Up-selling 4. Inactive client re-activation - automated workflows used vs. above categories read more
Key Advisor
February 10, 2024 08:35
@Pranit - When I read your stages, I am hearing a cross of lifecycle stages (Lead/Contact/MQL/SQL) with what I would consider to be a traditional more
Edyta7510 on September 27, 2023
Hello, I'd like to find a way to be able to edit line items associated with deals "in bulk" just like we can edit deal properties in bulk from the deal view. anything that can prevent from entering every deal and then entering every single line it read more
Community Manager
September 27, 2023 16:32
Hi @Edyta7510 , Thank you for your inquiry. Here are some options to achive your goal. 1. Update the line items on all deals more
npuri on July 24, 2023
Hello community! I have a situation. Lets say I merge two contacts for the same person because they had different email addresses. For one of the email addresses though, the person had unsubscribed to all email communication. How would the merg read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
July 25, 2023 00:54
Hi @npuri That's an interesting question! My understanding is as follows, and I'd recommend testing this with a few dummy contacts: more
HRich on April 18, 2023
I was wondering if there is a way to comprehensively download all my data stored on HubSpot, including one to one emails from clients, deals and other important data. Love HubSpot, but if it goes down due to maintenance, ect, I need a back read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
May 15, 2024 20:23
Hey @HRich 👋 Good news! This request matches an idea in the Ideas forum that's now 'In Planning'. Here's the link — Database Backups . We need more
NMiller4 on March 07, 2023
I have asked HS to add this to their to do list, but wanted to see if anyone has any work arounds. We want to use Industry Drop Down List and then once a Key Industry is ticked a secondary industry drop down box appears with the secondary / sub cat read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 07, 2023 12:25
Hi @NMiller4 , You're correct, it's currently not possible to make this a required input. Other users have requested this before: more
CGoodwinOlsen on November 04, 2022
💡 Looking for guidance regarding a form we aim to implement in HubSpot, to replace a 3rd party data collection tool we are using to map customer and user details. Background : we are a B2B SaaS company, and in our onboarding process (docum read more
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor | Gold Partner
November 08, 2022 16:02
@CGoodwinOlsen , an idea that comes to mind is doing multiple forms around specific data requests. For example, Company info forms and POCs. more
AngadM on October 14, 2022
I have migrated Salesforce's records (Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks, Accounts) from Salesforce to HubSpot, but activities are not synced. How can I sync activities from Salesforce to HubSpot ?
1 upvote
1 Reply
October 14, 2022 10:02
Hey AngadM ! There's a resource link here that goes over how to connect Salesforce activities to HubSpot tasks: more
TwoBeard on December 08, 2021
Hello, I just recieved an email regarding that some of our contacts had been exported. However, I have no idea who did it. Is there a way to look that up?
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
December 08, 2021 17:32
Hi. Yes you can view it Go to settings from your Super Admin profile, on the left hand side bar, you find Import and Export listed below Objects more
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