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PamCotton on February 29, 2024
Hey Community After an insightful exploration of optimizing the middle column of CRM records in our last challenge , it's time to dive deeper into the realm of workflows. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, there's read more
Community Manager
March 22, 2024 13:33
Hi @JWronski , apologies for the late follow up here & thank you for your comment! 🙏 Is there something that's costing you a lot of more
JMartin1094 on March 26, 2024
I've been driving a platform migration and buildout for just over three months now, and definitely have gotten a lot out of the knowledge center & Academy materials. But since this is my first time managing a CRM, you don't know what you don't k read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
March 26, 2024 15:56
Hi @JMartin1094 ! Congrats on your first CRM management job! I would encourage you to join this group also: HubSpot Community - HubSpot more
BButterfield on March 25, 2024
Hi Everyone, Apologies if this isnt the right location. Before the question let me explain the use case; In our business it is common to have multiple open deals in hubspot for a company. We can have a deal for a certain product or service and then read more
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 26, 2024 01:05
Hi @BButterfield , This should be pretty straight forward 🙂 First, you would create a company-based list of contacts that are more
beatrizlima on January 17, 2024
➡️ Download the guide now The consumer journey is changing fast, and tactics that worked even a few months ago may no longer be effective. Today's customers are more knowledgeable, engaged, and require a new end-to-end buying exp read more
0 Reply
beatrizlima on September 28, 2023
Strategies for Success That Help Businesses Thrive in Unstable Environments ➡️ Download the guide now Businesses in the UK and Ireland have been experiencing economic turmoil, geopolitical shifts, and climate concerns, read more
PaoloPinoargote on September 03, 2023
Which social media or channes can I use to improve sales on the US? Are there popular sites that I should register on the area of Florida? I'm having a very difficult time to reach buyers using only facebook and Instagram.
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Partner
September 04, 2023 03:04
Hey @PaoloPinoargote it's really down to your target audience and market. This can vary wildly depending on your product/ideal customer. What I'd more
kateflynn on July 20, 2023
[Free Report] Behind the Scenes: A Marketing, Sales and CX Pulse Check ➡️ Download for Free Now Marketing, sales and customer service managers have been at the front line of remarkable change over the past few read more
Community Manager
July 21, 2023 04:59
Hi @kateflynn , Thanks for sharing this interesting report 🙂 Have a great day! Bérangère
AGüell on July 07, 2023
Hi! We have agents in a call center that work at different time schedules. We are having trouble assigning them leads. We have a workflow for creating and assigning deals to our call center. The procedure is very simple: (i) every time a lead read more
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 07, 2023 04:53
Hi @AGüell , @AGüell wrote: We've tried different approaches like creating different workflows that are only active in some times of the more
dizaiah on May 18, 2023
I have been exploring the various features and capabilities of HubSpot and would like to dive into website Balanced Wellness Hub marketing. I believe that a strong marketing strategy for our website is crucial for attracting and engaging our tar read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
May 18, 2023 08:10
Hubspot has 2 features of websites, you can host your website with their CMS, or utilize ads to drive traffic, but that traffic can go to landing more
alexagatiss on March 24, 2023
I am hoping to create a workflow that bridges the gap between Sales and Marketing. The idea is that after a contact (prospect) opens a marketing email more than 4 times (or a significant number), then the contact owner recieves an email. The email w read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
March 31, 2023 18:08
Is there a different number that you would suggest to use as significant perhaps? I am asking because in the industry in general, email sends often more
KaKaRoT on January 04, 2023
Hi, Can anyone please help me understand in an easy way the difference between the lifecycle stage and the lead status stage? What property usually does SDR/BDR update when lead/contact is hand-off to the sales team from the marketing team? An read more
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
January 04, 2023 09:33
Hi @KaKaRoT , @franksteiner79 published a post here, explaining the difference and how to use each field: more
DJayagoda on June 16, 2022
A Buyer's Evaluation Guide: Marketing Automation Software for Scaling Teams Get Your Free Guide Now Spend less time evaluating software and more time delighting customers. At HubSpot, when we look at t read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
July 27, 2022 08:49
@DJayagoda this looks like a really helpful guide. Thanks for sharing!
DJayagoda on May 11, 2022
GROW 2022: Nurture what's next Register for FREE Now Join us on Monday 27th June In-person a nd/or online. GROW 2022, powered by HubSpot, is a hybrid event for pioneers in marketing, sales, and cust read more
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