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PamCotton on February 29, 2024
Hey Community After an insightful exploration of optimizing the middle column of CRM records in our last challenge , it's time to dive deeper into the realm of workflows. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, there's read more
June 04, 2024 09:14
I've had fun learning about workflows through different courses and of course, through trial and error. So far we haven't done a ton of complicated ' more
gms199 on June 05, 2024
Hi All, I have a wordpress site with a button on it. When that button is pressed I want to launch a Hubspot CTA Popup with a Hubspot form on it. I will launch the CTA popup with the code snippet. Now depending on the page that button is pr read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
June 13, 2024 09:12
Hi @gms199 and thanks for the tag @DianaGomez , You might take a look at the solutions by @MatthewShepherd in this thread for a more
Nathanhobbs on June 05, 2024
Hi there, We currently use Calendly to handle all our bookings, but new events don't track the source properly. One suggestion was to have a HubSpot form to create the contact, which then pushes them to the calendly booking page to track the sou read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
June 05, 2024 11:05
Hi Anton, It's not a link sent to the client; it's the external link it pushes them to as soon as they complete the HubSpot form. I want to use more
Steven4 on April 11, 2024
Hi, Not sure if i am looking for a form but what i want to achieve is sort of a form/questionnaire where you answer a couple of questions and depending on the answers you will end up seeing whitepapers that matches your answers. I.e Question 1 read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
April 11, 2024 10:23
Hi @Steven4 ! As part of this, are you expecting to collect email addresses? If yes, then my suggestion below won't be ideal. You might have more
GVerini on April 10, 2024
I want to auto-populate active lists based on a form that asks customers which news feeds they would like to sign up for. Having trouble figuring out how to create a checklist in a form that I can connect with active lists.
0 upvote
6 Replies
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
April 10, 2024 21:01
@aviafriat26 with active lists, there's no need to use the workflow to segment the contacts, this can be done directly from the list via more
kburnett on April 01, 2024
I've created a custom property comprised of four checkboxes. These checkboxes are displayed vertically, but I'd rather display them horizontally. How can I display those checkboxes horizontally?
0 upvote
5 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
April 02, 2024 11:39
@kburnett wrote: I can't find any place in Hubspot to apply custom css to a Hubspot CTA or Form. Custom CSS can only be applied from your more
juandavidq on March 28, 2024
Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to place the radio button labels next to the radio button and not below as you can see in the image. With CSS I have achieved some customizations but this I have not been able to do. Any suggest read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
March 29, 2024 09:06
Are you choosing the option to use the form as Raw html? If so, the position is likely controlled by the on-page CSS. Would you be able to share a more
willchc on March 26, 2024
Hi all, We want to have a marketing content box on our forms that when checked, will tell hubspot the contact is a marketing contact. What is the best way to do this? We don't want everyone filling in the form to be deemed a marketing contac read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 27, 2024 00:44
Hi @willchc , It sounds like you may be confusing marketing consent and marketing contact status. Marketing consent options for forms: more
NAlves7 on March 25, 2024
Hi, Trying to update a form to Avenir Next font. This is what I've been able to find. HubBot told me "Avenir Next is a font used by HubSpot for its branding across various platforms." yet I can't seem to find it. Am I missing something? I can' read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor | Partner
March 25, 2024 14:13
Hey @NAlves7 HubSpot forms use a selection of google fonts within their themes. This cannot be changed within the UI. You can however also use more
MSarafzadeh on March 19, 2024
Hi, I am updating a form for my equine service company's website. We need to collect the addresses of our customer and the address of the barn their horse is located at. There is a place for them to type their home address. After that, I create read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 19, 2024 13:09
Hi @MSarafzadeh , Have you followed these steps when setting up the dependency? more
SBlocq on March 19, 2024
Hello, I'm seeking insights from our community regarding our approach to updating our promotional materials. Periodically, we refresh our whitepapers, brochures, and catalogs to align with emerging trends and introduce new products. As a result, th read more
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
March 19, 2024 08:40
Hi @SBlocq , If we're making small updates (i.e. a pricing change, refreshing some stats, or the name of a service changed), we'll replace more
JulianaRC on February 04, 2024
Hi Community, I have a unique situation, where we are hosting an event in March. For this we are inviting people from our database and also market externally. For a better experience, I don't want people from our database filling out their de read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
February 05, 2024 00:15
Hi @JulianaRC , You can pre-populate a form on a landing page with known contact information by adding a hyperlink to your landing page more
CP02 on February 01, 2024
Hi community 👋 Has anyone used workflow notifications to detect webform inactivity? I'd like to set up a safety net to alert us that we've had no submissions from a specific form in say 36hrs. Is it possible to do this with a workflow? Is the read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
February 01, 2024 07:08
Hi @CP02 , This is not possible directly, no. Workflows only trigger when something is present, not when something is absent. In that sense, more
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