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Zoom / Zendesk Integrations overriding primary email address

Hello all! 


We have contacts that have 2 to 3 emails associated with them. we send them emails to their primary email, but it's constantly changing as it gets replaced with the latest email entered.


This means that we invite people via their corporate email, but when they sign up to the zoom webinar and use any of their secondary emails (like their personal one, those secondary emails become their primary. 


So one week users will get important notices on one email inbox, and another week on another inbox. It really is a problem for us. 


Any tips? We would like to set the primary email address and not let is constantly change.


I received some comments on setting up 2 workflows, but I am guessing if there is an easier way to block integrations to changing our primary address. 



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Zoom / Zendesk Integrations overriding primary email address

Hello, @PAviles!

 I want to add some of our top experts to share their ideas @JonPayne @Alex_ @andrus any recommendations to @PAviles?


Thank you,


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