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I am a regular free user and find the 200 monthly notifications adequte. I recently took on a temporary position with an email that belongs to the other company.  Somehow I linked their email to my account and it used up my notifications.  When I tried to disconnect it seemed to disconnect all my boxes and would only allow me to reconnect with all of them, including the wrong one.


How do I get rid of that box and is there a way to reset and get back the resources that were used up and shut me down for the month?  Thanks.

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Community Manager

Hi @ljwayne ,


You can disconnect your inbox by following the steps outlined here.


While you cannot restore notifications once they are used up, you will get a new batch in a few days for February. 


If you are still stuck with trying to disconnect and reconnect the proper inbox, can you please share screenshots of where you are getting stuck, along with confirm which inbox was mistakenly used and which one you typically use.


Thank you,